Striped Bass Secrets-Tips+Tricks, Striper Secrets! How To Catch MORE Stripers!


How to CATCH MORE STRIPERS! Stuff the pros wont tell you.How to anchor in most productive water. How to rig live and cut bait. Simrad NSS Evo2- Accurate SR-6.


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24 Replies to “Striped Bass Secrets-Tips+Tricks, Striper Secrets! How To Catch MORE Stripers!”

  1. Love the video if you ever need another team mate hit me up lol thanks for all the tips

  2. I fish in fresh water lakes and I was wondering if you could give me any tips I also fish from the bank and the fish here love Sandy areas cut bait works well and my personal best is 15 pounds that's pretty big here so any advice would help

  3. Thx man, this will help me for tomorrow, I'm fishing at lake ouachita in little rock ar for some big striped. These tips will help!

  4. I live upstate and fish for stripers during spring in the Hudson river near Catskill. Do you have recommendations for bait and rigging in this environment? Everyone I know uses herring live or chunk with J hooks.

  5. Hey Mike, I've always been curious, what part of the fish is being seen on the fish finder and why do they look like arches? (or worms)

  6. Mike, what sort of lighting would you suggest at the bow and the stern? I'm doing the same type of fishing in the same areas. I know the fish are shy to too bright of lights. I'm looking to be able to break away from the headlamps, and use whatever my boat has for light. I own a 20'CC, and presently there has never been lighting mounted. Any suggestions may help. Thanks in advance. great videos as always. Mike J

  7. What secrets I thought I would learn something you did what every fishermen does out there wtf nothing but click bait alls this was!

  8. We've always had stripers in Cape Breton, usually very large fish but still quite rare. Last year we were invaded by them. Our size limit is 26,3/4 inches. There is no license required.

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  10. The boat that you are on is it a charter boat that you own or is it just your boat that you and your friends use?

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