Tackle Warehouse and Bass Pro Shop Purchases

Tackle Warehouse order and Bass Pro Shop purchases.


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50 Replies to “Tackle Warehouse and Bass Pro Shop Purchases”

  1. Well worth the money, only braid I use anymore and for finesse situations I use the SX1. Thanks for watchin!!

  2. I'll agree to your D-Bomb review.. but I have to say punchin' jigs are a bit better especially the S.K Hack Attack jig in 1oz with a zoom chunk for personal likings and I don't have to worry about shredding $5+ plastics in heavy cover than a basic jig and chunk. Furthermore, detecting the bite seems better for me with a jig than an average weighted T-Rig plastic…It's worth trying… Basic flippin' jig I would recommend the Terminator pro series jig…just an awesome jig for the right $…

  3. I've played around with the D-Bomb's a bit and really like em. I'm not going to say they're better than any other beaver-type bait, but would recommend em. I don't punch jigs, as far as plastics go you want something that doesn't have too many appendages to get caught up. The PowerTeam Lures Bully Grass Devil is a great choice, of course the D-Bomb or any beaver-type bait as well – I just like something compact. As far as flippin' jigs, it's hard to beat Dirty Jigs. Thanks for watchin!!

  4. I was wondering whether you have ever used the Missile Bait's D-Bomb bait and if so your review about that. Furthermore, what would be a good punchin'/flippin' bait(s) / jig(s) choice? Thanks n' keep on fishing!

  5. You get what you pay for. They're kind of expensive but they're great baits. Thanks for watchin man!!

  6. The subwoofer just kind of reminds me of a grub and if I'm gonna use a bait like that the PowerTeam Lures grubs are hard to beat. Thanks for watchin bud!!

  7. I really like alot of those baits you had on there..i subbed you can you sub meback and tell me what you think of myvids thanks

  8. man, looking at your tackle was liike looking in my fishing closet…i was shocked actually,. alot of alike lures…lol

  9. All my plastics are in those bins you've seen, in which I've added a few more of those than what's on there to help organize. You've seen my big box with all my crank baits and I may have a dozen standard Plano boxes for frogs, jigs, terminal tackle, etc.

  10. oh yeah, i havent used them yet but if they work half as good as they look im gonna love them. I like that there is no weed guard to. I started pullin them out of my swim jigs when i fish open water. I feel sometimes they get in the way. I just got a gift card to tackle warehouse for fathers day and im gonna order a bunch more of the river2sea jigs!!!

  11. Thanks bud!!! I have only seen it on Tackle Warehouse and I tried those frogs the other day and they are awesome!!!

  12. no I didnt, I was only down there for a couple days and I spent it with the wife and kids, but trust me I was thinkin about it,lol Its not to far from me, I will get down there one day!!!

  13. hey bud, thanks for watching!!! I should have another tacklewarehouse order vid comin real soon, I just got a gift card the other day.

  14. hey man, great vid. do they sell fx2 line in stores? and the ribbit frogs are great. tight lines man

  15. i know right! im an addict and cant stop lol and most of the stuff i have never thrown out in the water >.<

  16. It sure becomes an addiction, i just want to try all the new stuff that comes out u know. Most of it gets used but with some of it u just want to see it and give a shot. It dont matter if im fishin with it or just riggin it in my room, its all fishin to me.

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