Tackling clear water largemouth bass

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NckHb75eVDs&w=560&h=420]

Extreme Angler TV season 11 eps 5- You want big bass? You came to the right show for that. On this weeks episode, Karl is fishing a typical cottage lake that has very clear water and a lot of available structure for largemouth bass to hide including arrowheads, lily pads, boat docks, sunken cribs and more. See how Karl tackles the clear water and catches some of the biggest largemouth seen on Canadian television.


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29 Replies to “Tackling clear water largemouth bass”

  1. Good video… but ugh it just grinds my gears when people fish close to peoples boats like that. My boat cover has more rips from people then anything else, and I get a lot of lip from the fishers cause it's "public"…anyway good vid.

  2. I watched so many videos of Karl, just one question my lake is really clean and and has a lot of
    Small mouth do you think the Chartrus rodent will work and there isn't a lot of weeds or lay downs

  3. I was fishing clear water in warm weather at 12:001:00-o-clock pm I had a Berkley chigger crawl weightless and a yellow trout fly right in front of them but they didn't move or swam off and my dad used a white missile bait and they just looked at it like something stupid

  4. @extremeangler. I fish #50 braid in San vicente San Diego CA.. Very clear water.. I attach a fluorocarbon leader ruffly 3ft.. Do you think running straight fluorocarbon will increase my chances of catching those bass? I keep thinking these bass see the braid

  5. what all do you use the heavier line and rods on and which lb test do you use for your trivk worms,poppers and things like that i use 8lb fluerocarbon spiderwire for all my spooks ..soft plastics and poppers..shad raps…is this right

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