Taste the Bait: Wesley Strader builds a spinnerbait in the boat

Wesley Strader won both the Kentucky Lake Elite and the Lake Norman Open using the same lure. His signature Zorro Bait Co. Bango Blade spinnerbait. Strader frequently cycles through these when the thin, .030-wire gets bent after several fish catches, but he simply transfers the blades, swivel, etc., to another spinnerbait blank. Strader said the same blades, the exact same blades, were used at both lakes: A Hildebrandt silver NO. 3 Colorado blade and a Hildebrandt gold No. 4.5 Indiana blade.


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15 Replies to “Taste the Bait: Wesley Strader builds a spinnerbait in the boat”

  1. Wes has been around a long time, and he deserved his W,and now he's on a roll, and a teacher on how to stay humble at the Top….Bravo Tennessee Strader,,and so fitting the Kentucky Lake was his first …..( home waters Tennessee River )

  2. Reminds me of the ol' Manns Classic Spinnerbait " Hank Parker" with the indiana colorado blades and the fine wire. Hard to beat for sure

  3. I watch Bass Live during the events because of the passion the majority of the top pros have for this sport. WS shows us live in just a few minutes details of his game….what he does, how he does it. Great coverage and commentary by BASS, but more importantly hats off to Wesley.
    Good luck WS in Texas!!

  4. You treat fish like shit…. I don't give a fuck about how many spinnerbaits you build… You're a loser in my book because you treat fish like garbage. And yeah I'm the guy that gave you the thumbs down….BASS…. And FLW need to change the rules to make Nets mandatory…. These Pros don't give a rat's ass about conservation it's always all about money about winning….

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