The ADDICTION Begins… Long Island Sound Striped Bass (Connecticut Fishing pt. 1)

I took a trip up to Connecticut to do some striper (striped bass) fishing with two of my good buddies Alec and Juno Ryan. This is day 1 of saltwater bass surf fishing the Long Island Sound. The ADDICTION starts here. We were mainly fishing swim baits, bucktail jigs and surface plugs/poppers.

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Tsunami Talking Popper:
Rapala X-Rap:
Gambler EZ Swimmer Ghost Shad:

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41 Replies to “The ADDICTION Begins… Long Island Sound Striped Bass (Connecticut Fishing pt. 1)”

  1. In the process of moving, getting new camera gear, and learning final cut. Bear with me for the delay of videos.

  2. Yooooo awesome seeing you fish for our northern species! Can’t wait to see more in the future!

  3. Hey bud,
    Happy for your first set of stripers! I had to laugh because I knew that you weren’t going to stay in Hartford for long. The LI Sound is a great place to fish.
    Tight lines and you’re always welcome back.

  4. Those schoolies are fun but this time of year you'll find the big ones further north. 20-40 lbs up in Massachusetts. Great eating too! Great video!

  5. I fish everyday in lol sound, only get bluefish he comes first time ever and gets a bunch of stripers… I give up

  6. We catch them with bait like blood worms or prawns. The best place in Nova Scotia is the Shubenacadie River only when the tide is going out because if it is coming in it is time to get off the river banks. Sometimes the tidal bore is large enough to surf on.

  7. Damn I live in CT and go out everyday and it just sucks this year. I haven’t even been catching sea robins and bluefish. Only a couple porgy. What city were you fishing?

  8. Are you going to be reviewing the VSX like you did the BG? Is that a custom Connley rod?

  9. awesome channel, you are on of my favorite youtube fisherman. just wondering what rod do you have with your staal?

  10. Viktor, the next time up go up north for striper fishing, you need to buy some Korkers … they are special spikes designed for walking on slimy rocks.

  11. need to go to montalk point the fishing mecca also ur on the north shore. south Shore has the nice sand least here on longisland

  12. as much as a pain in the ass as It is try to keep your headlight off a lot of times just that little bit of light will shut the stripers down and try matching your lure to the color of the sky, welcome to the northeast

  13. Awesome video! I am taking a trip to Okinawa Japan on Monday. How did you fly with your reels and rods? I got a case for my rods but still don't know what to do with the reels

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