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My Best Tips & Secrets for hooking up with Bigger Bass, Pollock, & many others.
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Succeed on the shore at lure fishing or spinning with soft plastics, by employing simple methods shown here. What lures to use for Bass, Pollock, Wrasse, Pike fishing. Lures that won’t break the bank with Developed techniques, tricks, & some secret sauce. This is a must watch for the beginner & intermediate angler.
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5:46mins 2. LURE SPEED



15:17mins 5. SOFT PLASTICS

19:34mins 6. ***** CHILD-PROOF RIGGING METHOD for soft plastics

21:38mins 7. TRANSLUCENCE’S



28:12mins 10. PIKE LURES

29:49mins 11. TOOLS

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41 thoughts on “THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO SHORE ANGLING (part 2) Lures

  1. Thank you for saying that Gary! I hope this tips the scales of success in your favor. BOL Gary.

  2. Perfect timing! Have only just started sea fishing. Going for my second time tomorrow! Will be doing mostly shore fishing around Dublin. This video is so helpful. Thanks a million. Keep them up!

  3. I'm new to sea fishing , just a couple of months on a boat from west Wales. I love your vids, informative and not pretentious.
    Caught a few Bull Huss last week, all based upon your general tips, hopefully get some bass from shore next week!
    Thank you again!

  4. That is fantastic news CT :))) You have chosen (your sport) well, I wish you the best of luck! 🙂

  5. Hi debo! Yes I my Dad & I fished there, but a bit of time has past since. The best way forward for you (in my opinion) is to talk with a local tackle-shop owner. He/she might be able to hook you up with an experienced angler for a day or point you in the right direction. Talk to anglers at a local fishing competition, I guarantee it will be worth the visit! If this fails try&hire a local guide, for the price of a good rod you should learn a lot. Your watching the right videos anyway :)) lol!ATB.

  6. I go fishing about once a year. You have £20.000 of gear. I go fishing with a few worms an old rod and a £15.00 reel! And still catch fish on the Isle of Sheppy.( Cant spell it) Shearnes. Cant spell that either. My satnav takes me their!

  7. love your videos very very good.I live in Fuerteventura ( Canary Islands ) If your every out on holiday love to catch up……

  8. Hey im wondering what type of lure should to get any type of fish,im not aiming for a specific type of fish and is the surfacell lure or the deep lure better?

  9. Hey im wondering what type of lure should to get any type of fish,im not aiming for a specific type of fish and is the surfacell lure or the deep lure better?

  10. A lot of people seem to like the Komono SF 125 lures. Have you tried them? I feel a bit nervous of spending £17 on a hard plastic lure that I might loose very easily…

  11. Hi, how many lures do you have mate? bloody hell, it's like you going to war with the fish mate lol Thank you very much for taking time and uploading this video, very very informative and high quality, 

    Best Regards

  12. love the metal chuckin part i went for a very early pollack session yesterday no pollack but landed a lovely pound and a half sea-trout by catch of course you understand fish was released landed on a 8g abu zeppo i would imagine the bigger version could be a bass killer

  13. Very informative , thanks for share in, I think I will take up this hobby, there are nice beaches on the Llyn peninsula North Wales.
    Cheers Al.

  14. Loved the video, so helpful for a complete novice like me, thank you. I was wondering, would you be able to make a guide on fly fishing in salt water? I've been watching some of your videos and since I've just moved to the coast I really want to give it a go. I would really appreciate some general advice on which fly patterns and colours work for different fish and also what kind of retrieve and speeds of retrieve work best (especially for bass). Thanks.

  15. thanks 4 all your effort explaining your heart out and doing it very well indeed, as a new shore angler I found it very informative and inspirational, looking forward to trying these out. Going lrf near to and off Dursey Island in Co.Cork in a few weeks, I hope to say hello to some of them wrass and Pollock guys and if I have a bit of luck, a safely released bass or two! Thanks very much for the video

  16. Excellent video! Very useful information for us.
    Have one question though, I see that many replace trebles with single hooks on the lures. What is your opinion about it?

  17. I have some of these lures, now I know how and where to use them. I'm quite new to lure fishing and have yet to catch on a lure.

  18. Hi mate hope your well what video did you show the method of the sliding weight can't wait for you to more videos yours are some of my favourites All the best

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