The Fall BASS Massacre on Lake of the Ozarks


After an EPIC season on Tour it all comes down to this! Climb aboard with BFL All American Champion Marcus Sykora as he prepares to fish the Anglers in Action Solo Pro Championship on his home waters of Lake of the Ozark’s.
You will ride shotgun with Marcus from his 2nd day of practice through the final day weigh in & witness first hand how Marcus locates as well as patterns Fall Bass. You will also see how Marcus trusts his “gut instincts” to make the necessary on the water adjustments to bring home the Victory!
In the “Fall Bass Massacre” you will see how a Champion formulates a tournament winning strategy as well as his decision making process during the tournament. There are also a few EPIC topwater catches along the way…



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13 Replies to “The Fall BASS Massacre on Lake of the Ozarks”

  1. Awsome video. You definitely got the skill and correct timing aspect of change that all tournament anglers hope for. Again great video!

  2. I have caught more monster Bass out of this lake than any other lake I have fished and I have fished a lot. Back in the 80's me and my fishing buddy caught over 150 on a three day weekend smallest was 6lbs .The lake is FULL of Big bass. Go up to Bagnell Dam at the viewing area and look down by the spillway and you will see Bass so big they will take your breath away.

  3. just curious if that was your dock well you pulled up in? I know it's not legal to do that. just curious

  4. I just found your channel and I really appreciate your talent. I've learned a lot already. Thanks brother.

  5. good shit marcus. I fish against u in bassworld sports and it's good to know that sometimes u struggle too lol. nice finish man

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