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THE TEST! 16 foot Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion /Jon Boat Evolution Series / #TBNation.

Special thanks to Matt Cranmer @swimbait_az and @pansterphotography – Instagram, for helping me demo this boat with 2+ people on it.
A quick review of the finished product! Check out my channel for more sick builds and DIY vids, and check us out on Facebook @tiny boat nation group.


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22 thoughts on “THE TEST! 16 foot Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion /Jon Boat Evolution Series / #TBNation.

  1. Michael I have to thank you, Fireant fishing, Thomas Huckaby, Strich1973 and a host of others. Great job on all those mods you guys have done and shared with us. I'm almost finished with my mod and will most likely take a break and load what I have completed so far. The white are running like crazy here in Texas. Don't wanna miss out. Later.

  2. gaaaaaaaahhhhhhh man that thing is awesome!!!! congrats on it!! we will have that shootout soon!

  3. How long do you think it took you to do this sweet build. Going up to some family friends this weekend to start our own build. How far do you think we will be able to get with 3 days of constant work?

  4. Marine Mechanic 30 years now. I love small perfect set up's like you made. Nice Motor and i have many 70's and 80's Johnson & Evinrude 20 and 25hp motors. My Jon boat is a 1754 Lowe All Weld with a 1995 Evinrude 50 Tiller. It Rips. Made many mods to Boat. I Made it into a Bass boat that can go anywhere. Nice Build you did.

  5. Thank you so very much i really like the awesome work you do on theses boat i have learned a lot from watching your videos that i will be trying to do some of the deck on my 1248 joh boat keep up the awesome helpful videos

  6. Great project!!! Well built Jon boat conversion!! Would make a great river boat for the Tennessee River!!!!!👍👍

  7. 1st let me say I Love your boats you go the extra mile but 6" of water with your outboard motor visibly down in the video?no way Now your telling fish stories lol😁 I'm not saying you can't float in 6",I'm just saying in the video that was not 6" or close for that matter.thats saying that your outboard is less then 6" from waterline to the bottom of the motor. No way! I'm saying that was more like 16" of 6 inches of water even your trolling motor prop would be out the top of the water. I have a race boat with a custom short outboard that in motion only the bottom half of the prop is in the water but even it sits in 8"of water when at nice boat though

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