This Dock Catches ALOT of BASS!!? (Dock Fishing)

Bassalllyear(B.A.Y)Nation, whats up! Ever have that one dock you just somewhere catch loads of fish on? Well today we found one and we were on the bass hard catching good size fish on abundance of grass cover! Hope y’all enjoy and as always, SUBSCRIBE!!


9 Replies to “This Dock Catches ALOT of BASS!!? (Dock Fishing)”

  1. Been a sub since you were a kid man. Before you got your pelican kayak. I remember how much you use to kill it on them flukes. Love your videos brotha. Keep me coming man!

  2. Connor, your videos are great dude, love watching em'. First thing I do when I get home from work is grab a cold one and watch a few YouTube videos. You're always on there with a new one posted, hell yeah!👍👍

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