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Tips for Bass Fishing around Boat Docks

We love to fish boat docks and we take you through some of our thought processes when we fish docks during the hot summer days. There will be more to this series as we go through the next few weeks.



28 thoughts on “Tips for Bass Fishing around Boat Docks

  1. The title is misleading. I thought it meant fishing FROM docks, not fishing docks from a boat.

  2. I need to learn to skip baits. I have a house on the Ozarks and there's a ton of docks/areas to skip. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to learn to skip, or what type of bait to learn with?

  3. Just go out there and practice my good man. If you practice hard enough you can skip with any rod combo and bait. Tight lines

  4. We've got several videos on this channel about skipping around docks with Gerald Swindle. He talks about it. We also have talked about taping a baitcaster spool to keep the backlash from going too deep while you practice.

  5. Great video guys. Very informative and one more tip when you fish a line of boat docks/lay downs fish them more then once with more then one bait. If your alone fish them twice once with a jig and then again with a craw/worm

  6. I have a perfect bait for mimicking the small shad fry! Ready for them to be around on our lakes. Good vid

  7. how the fuck do you use one of those reels. im new to those types and i can figure it out…

  8. OMG, no offense but I get kinda pissed when people go out and catch bass with 60lb test line and super heavy rod. Nobody needs that shit, I've been catch tons of bass around the 6lb mark and I only fish lilypads, thick weeds, ect. I use 10lb test and a medium light rod. Not once have I ever snapped my line, or pole, catch a bass. Using line like that makes the fight no fun because it only takes seconds to bring the fish in. That's not the point of fishing, why else would people catch Northern

  9. How come you flip and pitch with your right hand and your reel is on the right side too. It doesnt REALLY matter but you're having to switch your hands around everytime you pitch out to get your hand back on the reel, could lose a fish. Really only about efficiency but I think it would help

  10. fishing under docks is my top favorite way to fish I have a video of me and a buddy fishing docks in a pond on my channel

  11. I just wanna say great video. And this comment is to the Ben Baumgartner. Sir, You must be a pond fisherman or aka average joe. It's kinda obvious that these guys that make these videos for us are TOURNAMENT fisherman. They dont have time to baby a fish to the boat. They fish for thousands of dollars. My home lake is the big bass factory Chickamagua in TN. I wouldnt be caught dead with your set up on that lake simply because I dont wanna risk losing that 10 lb fish. Dont comment if you dont understand how these guys fish.

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