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Striped bass fishing 2015: Tips and Rigs – On this video I will show you how I catch striped bass enjoy!
Date September 10, 2015
Location: Ocean Beach San Francisco Ca
Rig: fish finder rig
Bait: soft shell sand crabs
Rod : Tica 9-1/2 medium fast action
Reel: Penn Battle II 4000


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25 thoughts on “TIPS ON HOW TO CATCH STRIPED BASS – Surf Fishing

  1. All I catch with sand crabs are a bunch of perch, maybe one of these days a striper will hit it

  2. If you ever want to do striper or perch fishing in Santa Cruz or Capitola area I will always be willing to go!

  3. Thank you for calling out date and time. It helped a lot. It would be a bit of drive. Good to know I'm in the ballpark as far as time of year.

  4. Hey very nice I bring fishing there too. Just subsc. Can u subscrab on my too thanks

  5. yesterday i went ot half moon bay fished off of a beach for about 5 hours using fish finder rig and sand crabs, didnt get a bite at all. is there anything i do wrong. i cast about 50 yards to 80 yards maybe thats too close?

  6. A question I don't think I've seen you answer on your striper videos: What is the ideal swell you look for when you decide to go out to hunt stripers at OB? Is swell size something you even consider or do you just see what time low tide is and if it's a convenient time for you to be out?

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