Top 3 Best Bed Fishing Secret Bass Fishing Tips Video

In this video, professional bass fisherman Mike “Ike” Iaconelli answers bass angler’s social media question concerning how to fish for spawning bass, or how to fish for bass on the beds. Largemouth bass fishing lures and baits to try and secret tactics and techniques to keep from spooking the fish.

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“Fish in spawning bed” photo by HikingMike (who does not endorse us or our use of his photo)

“Hotdog” by Evan Swigart (who does not endorse us or our use of his photo)

both under CC2.0


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15 Replies to “Top 3 Best Bed Fishing Secret Bass Fishing Tips Video”

  1. Really? Different sizes? Different colors?

    Let me guess…different brands? Different times of day?

    What a waste of time this was…

  2. I was bed fishing today I seen all of em they didn't bite.. What lure should I throw next time?

  3. Ike i fish weekly tournaments and the dam we fish on is small and is more of a finesse dam. I wanted to know what are the best finesse techniques to use???

  4. could you possibly do a follow up vid on how to fish for bedding fish when you can't see the beds? I was in a tournament on candlewood lake, CT and the water was stained (max 4ft vis) and the smallmouth beds were in 5-10 ft water. Small swimbaits on the bottom won the tourney but i was wondering if u had any tips. thx

  5. Ike I truly love how you involve your viewers/fans!! They being said, what's you're best advice for fishing a body of water that you've never been on before? FAIRVIEW SMALLIES for life!!!

  6. Out in California, we get really bright, hot days. When the sun is high and beating down on the water, how do the fish react? What tactics do you know of that still produce fish on these bright days?

  7. great video. you helped me learn allot with the "different fish different personality.

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