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Top 5 baits for Bed Fishing

Matt Allen breaks down the Top Baits you need to use this Spring to fool the bass during the spawn. Every fish is different but one of these baits will get their attention! Bed fishing can be a great way to target big bass but please respect the bass and put them back quickly so they can continue to successfully spawn. Thank you!

1) The Jig:
-Pitchin’ Jig-
-Football Jig-
-Yamamoto Double Tail Trailer-
-Sweet Beaver-

2) Swim Jig:
-No Jack Swim Jig-
-California Swim Jig-
-4.8 Keitech Swing Impact-
-Roboworm EZ Shad-

3) Bluegill Baits:
-Mattlures Bluegill-
-Basstrix Bluegill-
-Stand Up Head for Basstrix-

4) The Tube:
-3.5 Tournament Tube (Dry Creek)-
-4.5″ Coffee Tube-
-Tube Head-

5) Senko:
-5″ or 6″ Senko-
-Wacky Rig Hook (1/0 or 2/0)-
-Texas Rig Hook (3/0 or 4/0)-

Filmed with GoPro Hero4 Black Camera:

Fishing for bedding bass is a great way to learn about bass behavior. Don’t let the stigma stop you from pursuing the spawners. The best approach to spawning bass is to sit back and watch the bed.

You can learn a lot just watching how the fish position on the bed. Once you know their prefererred way in and out you know where to put your bait. Taking a few minutes to watch the bed before making your first cast can save you a ton of time in the long run!

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37 thoughts on “Top 5 baits for Bed Fishing

  1. Patience is KEY in bed fishing. I've caught bedding fish in 1 cast and 90 casts. YES 90 casts. You can work a bed for 45 min and she won't take it but it only takes that right angle for her to want it. Great Video.

  2. Matt, when bed fishing, how important do you feel it is to not be seen by the bedding fish? If they've spotted you, do you back off and come back later or do you keep at em? Usually if you see them, they've seen you….

  3. Well done and lots of good information.  Please keep up the good work.  

    Really good point regarding the use of a compact bait vs. a long bait so the fish cannot pluck the lure out of the nest while avoiding the hook.

    I agree regarding the effectiveness of bluegill / bream lures.  Gold jerkbaits (white belly, not orange) have been good for me as well.  Bass do  not like carp near the nest either.

    I like to use football heads for soft plastics in this circumstance.  They are easy to work without moving out of the zone and less likely to tip over.  Makes a nice “head down, feeding” presentation.

    Pink, the best tube color I have ever used for sight fishing.  I do not know why, but even fish just cruising (late pre-spawn and post spawn) will grab it.  Best with a 1/16 oz or lighter head.

  4. Thanks Matt for the reminder video. It's easy to get out of practice on bed fishing from year to year. I needed this video to get me in the right mindset to hopefully land that monster bass….Keep the videos coming

  5. Awesome video Matt!! You covered bed fished spot on!! I have extremely good success on a lizard as well. I don't know what it is but a lizard for me just aggravates the big females so bad. I missed a giant today and I think it was due to the hard hook set. She didn't have it as good as it seemed. Thanks for the great tips man!!

  6. Thanks for the info, hitting the lake this weekend caught a few already on beds at the boat lunch Matt u know what lake I'm talking about lost a lunker on Monday on a glide bait… Thanks for the awesome videos guys keep them coming

  7. Matt could you please subscribe to my channel. I am trying to get more popular on youtube. And i would have to add 2 on your list a craw style bait in white color and a swimbait of some kind. Also maybe a 3rd lol a steelhead jig. 

  8. great video matt!  one bait that i don't see a whole lot of people throw for bedding smallies that has worked well for me is a crankbait.  i've had times where i would drag a jig all over the bed until i found the sweet spot that drives them nuts.  and even then they just wouldn't eat.  then i would visually mark that spot and run a crankbait that ticks along the bottom and they crushed it!

  9. Great vid Matt heading up to Clear Lake next week going to try out some of your tips. We are staying at konocti casino only have a small boat with a 10 hp. motor any good spots you could kindly suggest that may be near there marina, thanks for all the great vids.

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