Top 5 Best Cold Water Bass Lures


These are my top five go-to cold water bass baits. Winter bass fishing can be tough but by using these baits you can improve your odds of catching big largemouth and smallmouth bass.

My Top 5
Marabou Jig/Finesse Jig
Blade Bait

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18 Replies to “Top 5 Best Cold Water Bass Lures”

  1. hey man wondering if you will ever come up to the thumb in michigan to the port austin breakwall, in the summer you will kill the smallmouth off the very end of the breakwall caught 50 1-4 pounders in a 6 hour day of fishing it was great fishing man it won't disappoint you and it would be cool to make a video with you as me being a small channel

  2. As someone who tried all these for 8 hours on Pontiac Lake yesterday (minus the hair jig), I can attest to the tough bite after all the rain this week. The only thing my fiance and I caught was our first minor sun burn of the year haha. I'll be up in your area for the holiday weekend, hopefully me and my dad can get on some fish if we make it out.

  3. Good to see you back on the water Ben… sorry to hear the conditions weren't better. We went out to a new lake near the coast yesterday, but the wind storm on Friday had the fish completely shut down.

  4. Great video! Lucky you, we still have ice in Maine but warm temps are coming this week, so hopefully we get ice out!

  5. Curious. How long of a fluoro leader do you run on your drop shot rod? Also, what knot do you use to join the braid and fluoro? Thanks

  6. Hey Ben great to have you making videos again! I'll put some of these tips into practice now that fishing season has officially started here in CT. I'm looking forward to you posting vids regularly.

  7. ive been cheating im fishing a hot water lake in illinois temps are already 75 in the lake thanks for the tips Ben 👍☺

  8. When can you go fishing!? I've been watching other Michigan guys on YT catching fish since ice out.. seems like cold water is when you get the big ones from what ive been seeing them do. gotta get on some pigs

  9. Glad to see you got out on the water finally Ben. The dude with the weed whip didn't read the script apparently. lol

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