Here are my top 5 favorite baits to use in the pre spawn.

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  1. Hey, can you subscribe to my account please, i just started!! I do tutorials big bass and lure tricks!!

  2. What do you use to edit your videos? I'm trying out some websites and apps but so far, none of them are working. thanks

  3. I use the havoc Pitt boss in junebug color with a Texas rig its killer in pre spawn in my lake (Cachuma lake)

  4. I see that a square bill crankbait isn't on your list? Caught a lot of 3-4 pounders in Papillion on Saturday.

  5. Good ole prairie view lake. You must be out of omaha! From Fremont myself. The state lakes are producing some nice fish at the moment.

  6. Hey guys I'm starting up a new channel and I'll be trying to upload every week! If you guys could give me a sub it would mean the world to me thanks!

  7. andrew i was a straight lews man until the other day when i went to buy a tournament mb but they didnt have any. the man talked me into buying a daiwa tatula. i really like the tatula, casts as far or farther and a little smoother on the reel. give it a try if you get the chance. thx for the vids. always like to see you fishing. good luck in your tourneys this year.

  8. What's goin on partner, I live in Illinois our lakes right now are about 50-55 degrees, not a lot of cover mostly clear water will a chatterbait or a spin work? I'm new to prespawn fishin and i do a lot of bank fishin since I don't have a boat soany tips would be helpful, thanks'

  9. I live in Texas and the water temp is already 75 degrees. Any baits you recommend?

  10. Hey I really like your videos can you post more videos showing us how to use certain baits? Thx

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