Top 5 Summertime Baits – Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

I am using these setups when I am bass fishing during this time of the year. Make sure to check out below to find the links to the baits and tackle I was using in …


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48 Replies to “Top 5 Summertime Baits – Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques”

  1. I'm just starting out and I have a few baits and a new Abu Garcia pro max I need to know what colors would be good on what baits year round for Mississippi

  2. Where can I get that cap? I checked the apparel links in the description box, but could not find it… As a rookie bass fisherman, I am enjoying your channel very much, sir 🙂

  3. How heavy of mono do you use on the spook jr. Im in columbus ohio so a trophy bass around here is a 5 to 7 pounder so i use 12 pd. Trilene. Is that good? Thanks ro for your channel but more importanly thanks for your service to this great country. I watched a video about you saying you do this so u dont drink and do drugs and it hit home with me bud im a recovering alcoholic and i just wanted you to know your videos give me inspiration. I quit fishing about 10 years ago because i was married and wasnt allowed to.. Lol but im single know and 10 years later im getting back into bass fishing because of your videos and ypu saying your aunt told you that if you put your mind to it you could do anything you wanted. Im happy for ypur sucsess and keep the videos coming rob. Thanks a lot man.

  4. On the senko you recommend a 3/0 EWG (by Mr. Yamamoto's instruction). Is this now your current standard? I remember you saying a while back on the senko underwater vs yum dinger footage that you didnt like EWG because of the way it affected the baits "wiggle" as it descended. Is EWG a better way to go?

  5. Hey man! Just wondering what would u recommend to throw on a lake that is deep and Has a lot of cypress, the water is muddy and I saw a couple of dead shad on surface so I'm guessing that's the forge. (Depth around trees is 18 ft)

  6. I fish at my local river a lot. The water is really shallow and murky…..gets about 100 degrees by noon. What would you recommend i use around mid-day to evening? Have not done much early morning fishing around here.

  7. Hey bro really digging channel… new to the fishing game.. teaching through you and your buddies on youtube… if theres any extra stuff you have that might help me i would be very greatful.. if not no biggy.. keep up the awesome videos…

  8. new subscriber, seen 3-of your videos am a fan so far:) Wish would've seen this one before buying my rod and reels last week. Bought 2-Lews tournament Mb 5.6:1 reels, on 2-Ugly stik medium heavy rods 7' 40lb braid. 2-lews Tournament Lite 7.1:1 reels on 2- Lews custom speed stick med heavy action 7; rods.( Super lite setup) 40lb braid.
    Am happy with my reels, but wish had different action rods now, and rethinking the braid. Haven't been hooking many fish, and have had issues with birds next after throwing line out 40+ times. Only ever used spinning rod and reels before.
    Anyways looking forward to learning by watching your vids, keep up the good work, and love the Amazon links, I spend ton of money a week at amazon, just so can get free gas lol

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