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Here are my top 5 tips to get better at bass fishing. If you enjoyed this video please give it a like and comment any video suggestions. Thanks for watching!!!!

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25 thoughts on “TOP 5 TIPS TO CATCH MORE BASS

  1. To this point the biggest bass I've ever caught was a week ago and it was like 2lbs. I knew where it always stayed so I through a large piece of bologna on a hook and caught it that way lol. I've only caught 3 bass with all my trying over the last 4 months

  2. all video makers try to only promote there own product not inform the subject intended sucks not you thanks

  3. Im in high school and i would love to be on a high school fishing team but i dont think we have one so what would you recommend i do?

  4. josh208 I am starting a club of bass fishing we at gonna attend the club in a loopy no of time and i have to wait time because I new six members and I have 3 ee at gonna attend trades in a club house that is open and huge and we are gonna go to lake smith and many other lakes and the lake by the club

  5. Your tips really help because of you i cought 4 3 pound bass on my first time bass fishing thanks alot bro 🐟

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