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Top Ten Bass Fishing Baits of 2017!! (By Sales)

I always get asked the question what are your top selling baits! Well 2017 was a great year on! Here is a list of the top sellers from in order or most sales 10-1! There may be a few surprises! Dont forget to comment and subscribe!

**All these baits are available on my site!**

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17 thoughts on “Top Ten Bass Fishing Baits of 2017!! (By Sales)

  1. there's no way an 8 inch spoon sells more than a 1.5 square Bill or a bag of senkos or almost any other bait

  2. Scottsboro Tackle Swimbait is the beat in the biz. Tim and Andrea are good people who run a great store.

  3. its hard to pick just one of those baits……that whopper plopper though is tough one to beat.  i think the trick worm, definitely the most versatile bait of the list. its all about the Jaints!!

  4. I'll be making a order from your web site soon. You all have alot of colors that I love and TW doesn't even carry.

  5. That zoom magnum finesse worm caught tons of fish for me on pickwick and wilson on a wacky rig this year, right now im catchin them on a blade bait, a damiki.

  6. Solid list man. One bait I used a lot this year was the chatterbait with the freedom head. I often use the paca craw as a trailer and it works great! Nice job on the video!

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