Top Water Largemouth Bass Fishing With Poppers.

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Using a Strike King Spit-N-King popper to catch some early summer bass.

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47 Replies to “Top Water Largemouth Bass Fishing With Poppers.”

  1. Nice fishing! Never used poppers before.. just bought a bagful on ebay from a company in China.. cheap! Hope I have your luck.. thanks for the demo.. recently bought an angling kayak.. love it. Gotta take it out for some popper fishing!

  2. went out yesterday after watching this with my Rapala skitter pop and some Rebel Pop-R's and had a good ol', time! thanks for putting me in the mood lol. had about a 5+ pounded hooked but he shook it off. talk about heartbreaking!!!

  3. Great video Bruh,
    Wish my local pond and lakes had big bass, you get these people that eat anything they catch no mater what size it is, my goal is to catch a 10pnd large mouth to take home, not to eat but have it stuffed and hang on my wall.
    Again its difficult in my local pond's in Springfield mass.

  4. What size and type line are you using?  I've been a trout and catfish guy but I want to start bass fishing and there is ALOT of info to digest.  I'm trying to figure out my set up.  Thanks.

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