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Topwater Fishing For Bass: Lures & Techniques

Top-of-the-line Topwater:
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Nothing gets your blood flowing like visual bass strikes. Fast or slow, early morning or late afternoon, topwater techniques can be killer for bass. Watch this video for tips and tricks on how to catch bass on top all day long. Purchase the baits featured in this video and learn more here –

Products featured in this video –

LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog
RIver2Sea Rover
MegaStrike Cavitron
ZOOM Horny Toad
Owner Twistlock Hook with Centering Pin


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20 thoughts on “Topwater Fishing For Bass: Lures & Techniques

  1. I fish a pond were if you try a just a little bit you will catch fish, but my best walking bait is an arbogast jitterbug that is black in color. It walks amazingly well if you take it slow.

  2. Mystery tackle box why does he say braid gives sensitivity on topwater…. Fire him and hire Jon b he makes stuff up

  3. Can you please send me a box my dad and my mom are getting in fight and the only way to stay with my dad is go fhising and show some of my new fishing stuff im begging please just send me somthing please my address is barton dr 4516

  4. How do I adjust my baitcaster so it doesn't backlash on a 6'11 medium heavy rod with 14 lb. mono line? (Lure is 1/4 oz.)

  5. I can cast 50-75 yards on a baitcaster spinning reels don't compare distance wise if you are good with them

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