Tricks to Catching The Biggest Bass In The School

Matt explains how schooling bass move and react. How the largest bass stay deep and play off the feeding mentality of the smaller fish to eat with minimal effort. He also explains how adapting your bait selection can help you to catch the largest fish in the school.

Baits Discussed In The Video…
Rover Topwater:
Whopper Plopper:
Jackall Dowzvido Jerkbait:
Blade Runner Underspin:
Keitech Fat Swimbait:
5″ Senko:
Zoom Super Fluke:

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The next time you’re on a topwater bite and the bass are really blowing up well, consider changing your offering and going deeper to get the bigger bites. Often times the truly giant bass will hang below bass that are feeding on the surface in our to take advantage of their efforts and eat the scraps with minimal effort.

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25 Replies to “Tricks to Catching The Biggest Bass In The School”

  1. If you would have left the Senko out I would have been skeptical. It does exactly what you're talking about and is always rigged up in my boat. Great Explanation about what they're doing.

  2. I love to toss a basstrix or shadalicious out and count it down to the bottom of the bait. Those bigger fish think it's a fish feeding and come up and smash it.

  3. Great tips Matt, will definitely pay more attention to schooling activity. Can picture those big girls just sitting below, getting fatter eating scraps! Learn something new every time you guys put out a new vid! Look forward to the next, you definitely keep me hungry for more!

  4. love the videos. i am in the military and travel a bunch, always with my fishing gear. it usually takes me a couple days to figure fish out across the country in a new area. can you guys do a video about your opinions of the differences of SM LM Spots in the transitions of pre, spawn, post and maybe how each species differs if any at all. i notice how some techniques draw spots all day and a week later same location, same technique ill catch SM as an example. any thoughts to this. people say they target small mouth or need a large mouth as a kicker in a tournament. maybe Tim has some tournament input he could add.

  5. Maybe I'll do this to my brother. Let him catch the small ones and I'll come in with a weightless senko or fluke and get a monster. That will piss him off pretty good. He only throws waibaits 8 months out of the year in central Illinois.

  6. Just started watching these videos the other day and already learned more techniques then I could have imagined. Most informative fishing channels I've ever found. Great videos guys.

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