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Tube Rigging TRICKS | Bass Fishing Tips

Who’s up for some tube rigs?? Tubes have been a killer on bass for decades and these are some of my favorite rigging methods to catch them. I use variations of these year round, and they’re consitently some of my best fish catchers. Be sure to SUBSCIRBE if you liked the video! Thank you so much for watching…this is here because of you.



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29 thoughts on “Tube Rigging TRICKS | Bass Fishing Tips

  1. Dude this video was a game changer. My dad always told me about the alka seltzer trick but I never gave it much though. And to fish a tube weightless feels weird, but I'll give it a shot. Awesome video. Definitely subscribing.

  2. thanks for sharing some of the fishing hacks of soft plastic tubes, learned a few new tricks to try and I also subbed your channel in hopes of seeing more videos like this. Keep up the good work!

  3. Alka Seltzer tabs are killer through the ice too. Up here in Maine we glue them together with scent when we're sight fishing brookies and they draw them in like no other. Questionably legal but good luck proving you've been dumping Alka Seltzer in your hole

  4. A Brush Hog is a Praying Mantis. A Tube Bait is "Squidward Tenticals". An EarPlug Tube is a "Casper the Friendly Ghost". The Texas Flippin Tube is "Tin Hat Squidward". And the last one is called "Casper, the Lactose Intolerant Ghost". Get it right.

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