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[Video] A film company now competing in S.A.’s premier digital awards

Having been in advertising from his early days, Colin Howard (Executive Producer and Managing Director of Egg Films & Arcade Content) says that the excitement around branded content is equal to the excitement that was felt when advertising first hit TV and Cinema screens back then. “We’re at a point now where advertising as we know it can be reinvented and there is potentially lots of growth and lots of change” on the cards.

Egg Films pursues insights into subcultures for their branded content clients
There is the perception that brand films and branded content are strictly low budget, but Howard says that that perception is incorrect. What is important is that the content that is being produced is desirable to watch, drawing viewers in, as opposed to interrupting their TV viewing. Central to Egg’s values has always been encouraging their Directors to work on a diversity of exciting and creative projects. This allows for learnings and relationships in various subcultures. “We can then give clients access to those relationships and insights, which they wouldn’t ordinarily have had,” explains Howard.
This facilitates the creation of compelling brand films that people can relate to and want to watch.

Egg Films makes the Bookmarks finalist list… more than once.
The biggest and most exciting Bookmarks finalist for Egg Films was the One Rand Man project which Egg worked on with the King James advertising agency. The series included 5 or 6 web-episodes that performed really well with over 900 000 views and even made number one on the YouTube rankings in July 2014. “Although the films were part of a bigger picture, the little episodes played a significant role in getting the message out there.” Other finalists produced by the Egg directors are Johnnie Walker ‘Unite the Flavors’, the Skittles online campaign and ‘Get me to 21’ with Lowe & Partners SA.


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