Wade Fishing – Big Fish Surprises

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeHQmwM_Y4w&w=640&h=480]

Footage from July 29th, 2017. Back at my favorite spot to hop out on a hot summer day and do some wade fishing for smallmouth bass!


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24 Replies to “Wade Fishing – Big Fish Surprises”

  1. Such a cool way to catch em! Awesome upload! I havent caught a smallie yet down at the river by me mainly because its been too cold lately and the water level has been high and fast current. But we just had two 85 degree days and they should start to bite soon!

  2. I got a pro angler last year and I am going to fly fish for small mouth this year here in Montana. I have only chased trout for the last 11 years on the fly. But now that I have a kayak I am going to try for other species. The bass water is easier to take with the kayak so I want to try to catch them on the fly. It looks fun. It looks fun on a spinning rod too.

  3. I definitely learn a lot from your videos. I never thought big bass climbed up little creeks like that.

  4. Are you ever going to be able to fish this year? Looks like you keep getting pounded with snow.

  5. Excellent!

    I'm curious how you decide what you're going to throw at the fish? You seem to do well with the bitsy bug…

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