Wakebait Tricks to Catch Bigger Bass

Matt Allen shows different styles of wakebaits, then shows how to retrieve each one. Follow these tips and you’ll start catching more wakebait fish.
You can get the MS Slammer, BBZ, and many other gr


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  1. Anyway we can get some more wakebait videos or a multi-joint video i.e. bullshad video. You mention them but I’m not sure I have seen a when, where, and how. If there is a video could you point me in that direction.

  2. Do you change the hooks out on these and if so what size trebles/split rings do you recommend? Is 2x or 4x strong necessary considering the potential size of fish?

  3. Matt Allen, first off thanks for making solid videos full of information. Second, I'd like to see someone catch a fish with the bbz full size wake bait (trout). I think you're the man for the job. I've had the bait for a year and I've never even had a follower where as my other wake baits (home made rat included) catch fish and always get followers. The proof is in the puddin'

  4. what up Matt. I traditionally use crankbaits, swimbaits, etc, however i've been told that if i'm just trying to put more fish in the boat, use mostly rubber worms and spinnerbaits. Do you agree? If so, which one would you use more so than the other? rubber worms or spinnerbaits? P.S. love the video. I will try the rip with my BBZ.

  5. I just read your response/comment on ego. WOW! Ego in this industry is disgusting. The whole industry from participants to retailers. Honestly most people don't even know I fish. It's embarrassing to be lumped into that tournament scene. Been following you for years because of your lack of ego and of course your knowledge.

  6. Excellent video as usual Matt. I especially appreciate you pointing out how available these two baits are. So often in the big bait world acquiring the baits can be harder that catching fish. In addition to being easy to find they are both really reasonably priced. I can't tell you how much I LOVE the noise a 9" Slammer puts out with a stop and go semi-walk the dog cadence. It's my favorite way to fish it.

    Keep the big baits vids coming man, we appreciate them!

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