Which Jig Trailers Catch the Most Fish?

This isn’t about brands or preferences, this is about colors, actions, and fish behavior. Matt Allen of gives a detailed explanation of which jig trailers work best in different conditions.

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35 Replies to “Which Jig Trailers Catch the Most Fish?”

  1. Very informative. I always assumed the purpose of a trailer was to give it more action and lifelike movement. I never considered changing trailers based on water temperature. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. love your show dude keep up the good work…..my question is how should you change or when to change baits during the year an the day to keep catching fish seems I have lot of dead time

  3. A long time ago in a place far, far away (Del Valle Res. in CA in the 1980's) my buddy and I worked a spot we christened (that day) "Party Bush". At that spot, at that time it was a motor oil plastic worm or nothing!!!! My buddy had pulled 5 or 6 nice bass out of that one bush with motor oil worms while my black then blue then purple, etc were ignored. I had a single 6" motor oil Jelly Worm with me. Put it on and had the rod about pulled out of my hand on the initial sink of the first cast with that worm but brought back a bare hook. Steve continued to catch bass while I threw every other color bait I had….without so much as a looksee from the bass. When the bite died (he lost his last motor oil worm) he had landed 9 or 10 bass and had numerous bites that were missed. I had the one bite but it was vicious. So I know color can make a huge difference…..at times. There was nothing special about the water color or weather conditions that day that I KNOW OF (obviously there was something going on that made a difference to the fish). That was over 30 years ago and is burned into my memory, but that is because it was such an obvious example, but in my experience it was very much an exception as, within reason I don't think the particular hue you throw is as important as the rest of the presentation. There have been other, less obvious examples over the years where color made a real difference but by and large I think the best "color" is "appropriate confidence" in whatever you choose to throw…(keep it realistic but don't be afraid to change it). Baitfish and crawdads don't suddenly change color just because the clouds suddenly blocked the sun etc.

  4. Best fishing channel on youtube, you guys are always reminding me to keep it simple. We as fishermen tend to over complicate things and its the basics that win. Wish you would come to Alabama and fish wilson lake with me were you can catch big smallmouth and largemouth off the same spot, the only place i have ever fished were you can do this. Thanks for the knowledge and keep up the awesome vids!

  5. Hey guys, I really enjoy binge watching your videos. Yall have taught be a lot and helped me hone in on my skills. I was wondering if yall would do a in depth real cleaning and lube video. Would really enjoy seeing how yall approach this particular topic and the equip you use. Thanks for every yall do and keep the videos coming.

  6. You should check out the Warrior Baits Warrior Craw, they sell it at Tackle Warehouse. The best swim jig trailer for grass I have ever used, you can flip it, drag it, and swim it. I have used the ones you talked about also, but Warrior Craw is my favorite. You can see me using it if you check out my video. Keep up the good work, nice videos.

  7. Hey guys your video are very informative & I watched quite a few, however when you show things you need to go to a close up! The camera is way too far away to see what you guys are talking about.

  8. You are doing a great job, and are very helpful! I am going to fish the FLW BFT and a couple of Costa FLW Tournaments. I just retired and haven't fished for 20 years. But I fished Redman tourn. And others for 15 yrs. even with Keven Van Dam before he any Bass Masters. All helpful advise would great full!! Larry Brockway@icloud.com. As co angler!

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