Which Squarebill Crankbaits Catch The Most Fish?

Having trouble building confidence in crankbaits? With so many squarebills on the market its hard to know which ones to try. Matt and Tim explain how to fine tune your crankbait selection so you can build confidence and catch more fish!

Gear discussed in this video…

Tim’s All-time favorite- BDS 3:
Matt’s All-time Favorite- Biggie Bumpin’:

Other Great options…

Megabass S Crank:
Spro Little John:
Strike King 8.0:
Strike King 1.5:

Matt’s Squarebill Setup:
Rod- G Loomis CBR 845:
Reel- Curado 200:
Line- 15 lb Abrazx:

Tim’s Squarebill Setup:
Rod- Dobyns 764 CB:
Reel- Curado 70:
Line- 20 lb Sufix 832:
Leader- 12-20 lb Sunline Fluoro:

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46 Replies to “Which Squarebill Crankbaits Catch The Most Fish?”

  1. After watching this video (and Tim's crankbait vid) I was out and having a garbage day. Pulled out a big squarebill and burned that biznatch and pulled me a 6.8! Couldn't believe it! Thank you so much men, your video's are invaluable

  2. Matt & Tim what pound test line do you recommend? I would not be using a leader and would generally be running straight fluoro. I have 15lb Seaguar Red Label on right now but I'm thinking it might be too much and maybe I should drop down to 10lb in order to get the maximum depth out of my crankbaits and jerkbaits.

  3. If you're looking for a good square bill head over to skirmishbaits.com and check out their M9. Been doing very well with them this year. To save money on any baits not on sale you can use coupon code bray10.

  4. I done seen people come an go cause they not buy there baits from the company has the patient so they not here nomore

  5. well they all come from the same company that has the patient on this bait nomatter what company you use they all buying from who has the patient if they not want a law suit

  6. I love Tactical Bassin!!! Matt is so bizarre and unorthodox with some of his fishing techniques it's very entertaining, plus he's a great teacher. Tim on the other hand is terrifying. It's a shame that law enforcement harassment of civilians has generated the public to fear them instead of feel protected by them.

  7. Matt do you think I can get away with a medium power fast rod for squarebills and lip less cranks. I'm trying to use it for weightless senkos as well. what do you think?

  8. I like floro line with my cranks and yes with a rattle in it to cause as much commotion as possible to trigger a violent strike. To be honest the rod i like is the wobbly tip for cranks. I like that half a second delay to set the hook because i let the fish place the lure perfectly into it's mouth instead of a violent hook set to where the lure comes rocketing out. As for the color, i absolutely love the blue and black. Im planning to buy a Mike Iaconelli rod thats wobbly on the tip for jerkbaits and cranks.

  9. can you do a video on how to use crankbait? i love using crankbaits but i keep on thinking i am using crankbait wrong. i just reel my crank bait in without any pause. is that the wrong way to do it?

  10. You guys make some great videos! Your channel is full of great info and not just click bait…it's legit stuff! It's also cool to hear the both of you debate, or about each of your different styles for a certain technique. You have yourselves a newer big fan here! Keep up the great work!

  11. Im considering a Dobyns Fury 705CB (its med-heavy, mod-fast) as my designated squarebill rod. I know you both have personal experience with Dobyns and the fury lineup. Can either of you offer your thoughts on that rod for square billing? Thanks

  12. i like to hear that you guys will throw them on braid! i like to use braid as much as possible while still being as efficient as possible and it seems like everyone bashes braid on any crankbait because braid floats and no stretch. but i feel like with the longer casting distance with braid you can still get the bait to its intended diving depth…is that true or am i wrong?

  13. Hey I'm about to make a luckycraft tackle warehouse order and was wondering what hooks I should get and could you comment me back a link for the luckycraft 2.5 squarebill that's on sale now on tackle warehouse

  14. Love this kind of video. It took me a while to catch on the you guys, but I learn a ton every time I watch you. Even though you're 3,000 miles away from where I fish, it translates to what I'm doing. Thanks and Happy New Year!!

  15. You guys should do a video on what setups you use leaders on and what # test for like jigs spinnerbaits Texas rig setups etc. Thanks defiantly my favorite channel learn the most from y'all.

  16. So you both like moderate action graphite in this application. Are there any situations where you prefer glass rods?

  17. I fish lakes in North Louisiana and it seems like, especially right now catching bass on cranks just never really work out for me. I have tried multiple different ones and colors. as well as patterns. any suggestions?

  18. nice video and tip I do best with spinner baits & buzzbaits do to the conditions on my lake with all the milfoil& weeds thanks guys

  19. Did y'all catch them on fork? Met you guys at bassfest. You guys hit it on a good day for the frog bite you asked about!

  20. Very Helpful! I can catch fish on Cranks but its kinda fuzzy with me. This seems to clear it up a bit more! Thanks!

  21. great video as always. How about videos of y'alls boats. What y'all run on them from motor and prop, to trolling motor, to electronics, how y'all have the electronics set up, battery setups, etc…..theres enough here to do a couple videos lol

  22. fish don't give two shits about braid its been proven time and time again. I fish some of the clearest water in upper wisconsin and have caught smallys on high vis yellow braid and they don't scare

  23. In a grass area how would a bass know the difference between stringing grass and braid, I don't think they can.. In clear water rock I have more confidence in mono or floro depending on my rod..

  24. you guys think a cranking rod is a must for square bills or any small treble hook lures? I just bought a 13 fishing omen black 2 in their crank model and I seriously can't tell much difference at all in flex versus 2 rods I have in medium power fast action. Actually the 13 fishing crank rod feels even slightly stiffer than my St Croix Mojo Bass medium/fast.
    This is my first dedicated crankbait rod but I think Im returning it as it isn't soft/moderate at all.
    Anyways, how about just a regular ol 6'8-7' medium power fast action rod?

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