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Winter bass fishing at Lake Comanche California

Went out with my son for the first time to Comanche reservoir in Northern California in the winter and caught a few good fish


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11 thoughts on “Winter bass fishing at Lake Comanche California

  1. How long is your boat it seems to be pretty stable? I just picked mine up this weekend looking at ways to deck it right now.

  2. you have a great video i watched every min of it. thanks for sharing with the world.If you have a chance check my channel out.if you like hit subscribe.let me know you did and ill say WHAT UP! HOLLA AT YA BOY!!!!!

  3. nice. was this the south side?. I went there in my kayak and caught a couple small, when the water was way down. time to go back. subbed.

  4. Great vid! glad you guys were able to hold onto that double strike, awesome! Need to make it up to Comanche soon! I hear they are restocking it with trout right now. Keep the vids coming!

  5. I liked and subbed, it's an awesome video, my son and I fish together all the time and I make videos! Nice double!! I could feel your excitement!

  6. very nice guys! At the beginning when your son lost his jig reminded me of my A-Rig when I cast it out just like how he did and it just flew away from me. lol

  7. I'm really glad you went to Camanche reservoir. Got real interested cause I found their ad for 2 nights for 1 camping boasting trophy bass and trout fishing. Definitely a spot I'm hitting in the future. Hopefully the shore fishing is just as good!

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