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Winter Bass Fishing Tips for Deep Bass- Spoons and Buddy Blades

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39 thoughts on “Winter Bass Fishing Tips for Deep Bass- Spoons and Buddy Blades

  1. Awesome video! Im a long time subscriber and clicked like as well. Ill have to check out these spoons. Never used them. Im also going to check out tbat braid you were talking about. I switched to florucarbon years ago but my wife used braid. Does cast worth a shit in my opinion but maybe if I got a better brand… thanks!

  2. I'd also like to see your tips on walking the dog technique, been trying to watch other people, but really enjoy how you teach things.

  3. would you suggest a Dobyns champion 702 or 701 for drop shot? I use using nose hooks too. It would really help me out if you responded, Thanks!!

  4. Would love to see a on the water video putting these two to use on a school of deep winter bass, would be very beneficial to see how you approach a situation like that when other go to winter baits just aren't effective. Great videos man!

  5. Of course as viewers we want to see the lures in action. Is there any way you can put together a vid catching a few? I love throwing the buddys.

    Do you ever fish the BUDDYS in summer? Tks man keep up the great vid work. You are one of the best on the www.

  6. i have never thought of spoons being a good bait I'm a soft plastic guy. i would like to see them being put to use

  7. Love your videos!    I especially like the explaination on the mechanics of how the lure works and how to use it.  It helps me a lot as a newbie angler.

  8. Generally how long are your flourocarbon leaders when you are using braid? Spinning or casting. Does it differ if your pitching and flipping jigs and when your finesse fishing a drop shot or shaky head?
    Love the videos! Keep em coming!

  9. Thanks for watching!  I usually go longer on the spinning just because the knot going into the spool does not effect casting.  I am usually going for a more finesse approach with spinning as well which a longer leaguer is better.  It's about 4-5' on casting, 7-8' on spinning

  10. Good clear video's, I'm your newest subscriber.
    Wish we had your Bass in Australia, would be great to film.

  11. Justin I've got a killer way of throwing a football head w/hula grub! Just started throwing it last year this way. It's for that deep offshore structure fishing. You interested? 

  12. Would love to see your vid on how you fish spoons.  I am learn all I can about that type of fishing and you are one of my go places on YouTube

  13. Those cast masters sure do dominate the trout fishing around here, but never used them for bass, I'll think about that next time I'm bassin'

  14. Thanks man. Never really knew what to use for winter. Now I know  that these spoons i thought i'd never use, ill be using this winter! haha thanks again man. You're my favorite angler honestly. Especially on these tips man. 

  15. I'm just beginning to get into your how-to videos, but I appreciate your willingness to go into detail regarding the subject of the video. Too often the angler in the video is just flapping his jaw and pitching his jig. In the end, I've learned very little. Not so with you. Thanks for taking the time to TEACH us.

  16. Awesome video! I'm headed to Oak Ridge Marina in September. Looking forward to the deep water bite. Last time I was there the lake had zero grass and was about 9' low. Hopefully it has gotten better. Keep up the videos. I need to learn as much as possible about fork for my two day trip.

  17. I love watching your videos……….they are always very informative……………any insight on finding bass in deep water in winter and bumping spoons? seems to be a pretty popular technique on Lake Murray SC which is my home lake, but I never have any luck with it for some reason………………thanks for any insight on this and keep these awesome videos coming………….

  18. This is a great angling show. Thanks!
    That BPS wind rider spoon, it catches anything that swims which eats a small fish.
    I like to change the treble to a smaller one, number six hook size.

  19. Which of the three holes do you usually use in the buddy for winter time for vertical presentation?

  20. Just caught my first on a blade bait the other day. Definitely opened my eyes ! Great tips man, love your content as always! Oldie but Goodie lol

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