Winter Bass Fishing Tips for Ledges


Winter bass fishing ledges can be a productive pattern. Here I am using spoons and blade baits to work down the wall in a stair step pattern. The 2nd ledge drop in 35′ of water seemed to be the best on this day. I found a tree that was right on that drop off a school of bass were on too!

7′ medium action rod with 1/2 oz spoon and gold blade bait. It’s a lift of the rod tip and stair step down the ledge retrieve.

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27 Replies to “Winter Bass Fishing Tips for Ledges”

  1. Way to catch em in the dead of winter! Do you have any idea what the water temp down there was (not surface temp)? I'm gonna try to improve my spoon and blade bait skills when it gets cold 😀

  2. I am a beginning Alger and bass fisherman I have been watching your channel for a while and was wondering is a spinner reel and 8lb test line good for jigging for summer and spring bass

  3. Man I am so jealous, I live in PA and my pond is frozen. I would be fishing as much as I could if it was not frozen. I always love your kayak videos.

  4. Awsome video….enjoy your channel a lot! Nice to see you get out on a kayak once in a while. Great choice of kayak!

  5. Awesome! Even down to the little watermelon wanting you to eat it.. watch it again and you'll see at the bottom left of the screen before the largie is brought in the yak.

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