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Winter Bass Fishing with Kevin Short (pt. 1)

Bass pro Kevin Short reveals the four best bass baits for fishing Ozarks impoundments in the late fall and winter. In Part 1, he displays techniques for fishing lipless crankbaits. North American Fishing Club Social Media Editor “Web Guy Greg” hosts. Filmed on Arkansas’ Lake Ouachita. In pt. 2 (posted as a separate video), he displays tips and tactics for fishing channel bends with football head jigs.


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12 thoughts on “Winter Bass Fishing with Kevin Short (pt. 1)

  1. Nice video man! I've liked and subscribed. I also fish in Arkansas on Lake Norfork and Bull Shoals! Do you happen to have any crappie tips for the different seasons?? I can get 'em left and right in the Spring but don't exactly know what to try for the other seasons. Suggestions?

  2. in fact I think I'll take it fishing for some big snook like you see in the picture!! that will test this rod out!!

  3. the mojo rod is a great rod for its price and will horse some big fish out of some bad ass cover!!!!!!!!!! for $129.00

  4. i'm pretty sure the season is not determined by the temperature of the water. The water doesn't have to be 20 degrees for it to be winter…

  5. 65 degree water? that is not winter. Disliked because of misleading and incorrect video title. This is not winter bass fishing!

  6. lol he talked up that lipless crankbait when he didnt catch a single thing on it. all talk, no action. whatever

  7. 62 degrees is not winter fishing yesterday I was fishing and water was 46 degrees and we broke ice at the launch to get out there LOL

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