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Winter Crankbait fishing for Bass on Beaver lake with FLW Pro Greg Bohannan

Ok, so this one isn’t kayak fishing, but fishing is fishing, and this one features my business parter Chris Turner, and FLW Tour Pro Greg Bohannan winter bass fishing on Beaver Lake in Arkansas. They shot this on a beautiful day in the Ozarks and put the new Skirmish Baits Crevice Critter to the test. The Crevice Critter Crankbait is a medium diver that reaches depths from 8 to 10 feet deep, and does a great job of calling up the fish. It’s a wonderful representation of a crawdad, and the amazing hunting action this bait has when it’s banging in the rocks is a real game changer. You’ll find the Crevice Critter at in many great custom painted colors. This bait is outstanding in rocks and wood when the water temperatures get below 55 degrees, but this bait is certainly not limited to fall and winter fishing I was personally catching some giant bass on this thing in the summer of 2017 too. Since then i’ve been anxiously awaiting the “prime time” to come around when the water temps fall below 50 degrees, and I promise to have more video from the kayak fishing this bait very soon.

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