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Winter Jerkbait Tips and Techniques

Matt explains the differences between jerkbaits, the gear needed, and cadences to use to catch the most fish on a jerkbait during Winter. Baits Shown In This …


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34 thoughts on “Winter Jerkbait Tips and Techniques

  1. how do you feel about spinnerbaits in cold water? ive caughten a ton with them in cold water, but im from NEW England so with March coming up we are looking at post ice.

    im thinking because of the lethargic natural of the bass, they might be too fast even at its slowest pace. hence why i also agree with this video 100%. good stuff, BT

  2. another cracking video you put a link to the meggabass jerkbait special and you pair it with an alderbaran I presume the lowest gear ratio ?

  3. what are your thoughts on more aggressive, 'slash'-type jerkbaits like the Rapala X-rap vs more subtle, conventional jerkbaits like the Rapala Shadow Rap or LC Pointer? When do you use which, for what applications, etc.? Thanks!

  4. Matt, I understand you recommend using braid to fluoro but would you advise against using straight fluoro? I know some people use it and I have used it in the past. Thanks!

  5. Hey Matt,What kind of knot are you using to attach the leader to braid? Also, How long a leader when jerkbait fishing?Thanks in advance,Fred Fishbite Fishwell, Sr.

  6. I could listen to you guys talk about fishing all day long. I can tell that all of you really want to share your knowledge of fishing without the egos that I sense from many other Youtubers.
    Thank you for being genuine.

  7. man your video was full of information I needed, just started building up my jerkbait collection. my uncle got me started on using them. that's an awesome jacket man where can I get one?

  8. Matt / Tim – I will be fishing a tourney next month at Berryessa. Any suggestions on what I should be tossing and etc. As always, great video and knowledge from the " TB " guys. BTW – Matt.. Steve Alberg was telling me that he might have actually caught some double digit bass while out with you 😂😂. I need to get out your way @ Clear Lake and try to improve my PB 6lb to at least an 8.. How is fatherhood treating ya.

  9. Stumbled on to your channel, love it! Everthing makes sense with seeing the underwater video. Trying to get my arsenal going this winter. Definitely going to try these new techniques.

  10. great video as always, matt! i'd like to buy a rod specific for jerkbaits, but i'm a little confused on what action it should have. I'd assume a moderate action so you don't risk yanking the small trebles out of the fish's mouth, but a fast action would allow you to work the jerkbait a lot better. any recommendations? i find myself doing a lot of jerkbait fishing, but im not happy with my setup.

  11. I know this is a little random but is there a PRO to having a bait caster with lower number of ball barrings? I have mostly 8-10 but I couldn't pass up a deal on a $80 Shimano for $19.99. it only has 4 barrings it's the Caius 200. what would it be best used for

  12. Open to anyone's opinion. Would my 7ft medium fast action blackout rod be good for a 3/8 chatter bait is the back bone strong enough for the hookset since and cranking rod??

  13. Great advice. Last week I went smallmouth fishing on my favorite river using a bass pro suspending xps jerkbait in white/clear and caught several 15"-17" fish and one just over 18". Those are real nice fish for around here. I was working just as you described. When I got back to the ramp I was talking to two other pairs of anglers, one boat got skunked and the other pair only one of them caught a fish maybe 12" he said. "guess they just weren't bitin today". They were fishing small jigs and spinners… 😉

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