Winter Jig Fishing Tips and Tricks

Matt Allen of Tactical Bassin gives tips on throwing a jig during the cold winter months. From fishing a football jig on highland reservoirs to flipping a jig in river systems, Matt shows his favorite jigs for each scenario.

Products Discussed For Reservoirs…

-Finesse Football Jig:
-HP Football Jig:
-Pitchin’ Jig with Arkie Style head:

Colors… “Go To” or “Supermat Brown”

Jig Trailers on Sunny Days…

-Yamamoto Double Tail:
-Paca Chunk:

Jig Trailers on Cloudy Days…

-Sweet Beaver:
-Missile Baits D Bomb:

Products Discussed For Shallow Lakes with Grass or Flippin Cover:

-No-Jack Flippin’ Jig:
-Canterbury Flippin’ Jig:

Colors: “Go To”, “Green Pumpkin Craw”, “Black Blue”

Jig Trailers…
-Beaver Trailer:
-Pork Chunk:

Camera Equipment Used…

Go Pro Hero 4 Black:
Go Pro on a budget:
Jaws Clamp:

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25 Replies to “Winter Jig Fishing Tips and Tricks”

  1. how about chocolate milk looking water, could a jig still be good to use and if so, what color and trailers? if not would would you recommend using?

  2. Okay, I have a goofy question. I live in Orlando, FL on a lake and I've never seen a crayfish on it. There are tons of shad, bluegill, crappie, spots and largemouth bass. Do you have a guess on whether there are crayfish on it or not? Thanks again for the great video.

  3. Your vids are incredible man, learned so much from your channel. Keep it up! I trust you for tops on gear and fishing more than anyone else.

  4. Another very informative video Matt. Keep the information coming. TacticalBassin is my favorite youtube channel by a landslide.

  5. hi mat Robert again need help in my winter bass fishing my mareina in fall I haven't caught any fish yet this fall what's the transition period now no boats and no grass and weeds and my lake was loward 2' for winter any baits recommended for this time of year van I still use swimbaits to catch bass I'm tired of pickerel thanks Robert

  6. I hope you continue to guide for a few years. I am definitely booking a trip with you. I think your rates are good. You know the lakes and these videos are proof you know how to fish different conditions.

  7. Man, I would give most anything to go on one of your guided trips, I checked out, but the price is just outta my range. Although I'm sure it's worth every cent…
    So now that's number one on my bucket list…….

  8. Hey Matt, I have lost several fish on the EWG hook football jig. Should I be using a sweep style hook set with these? What do you prefer?

  9. Hi Matt, I am new to jig fishing for Bass and this video helps me in deciding on type and color of jig to use. Thanks for the information.

  10. Thanks Matt for sharing very useful information thanks that can up anyone's catching rate. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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