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Winter Tactics for BIG Bass

Justin and Faith go out to a north Texas lake in January to catch some big bass


36 thoughts on “Winter Tactics for BIG Bass

  1. Daiwa Viento?? i have one on a kistler rod at the bottom of Highrock Lake somewhere :'(… i bought the combo for $60 at a pawn shop. i absolutly loved it for dragging jigs if i could find another one id buy it in a heartbeat

  2. Faith, what type of retrieves worked for you? And what do you think was key to your success that Justin may have overlooked? And also, how do you stay confident when the front of the boat is keeping the target water out of your reach purposely? Great video!

  3. To myself and everybody up north, this isn't really winter fishing. We hit the low 40's mark in mid to late fall. And up here in Ohio, that is a good time to be fishing.

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