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Winter Worm Fishing For Bass: Shaky Heads and a NEW Rig!

Shaky Heads are a great way to catch bass throughout the year but there is a new way to rig your soft plastics for Winter Bass Fishing! Check out this video for a dual approach to catching bass in cold water.

The Gear Shown In This Video…

Tim’s Favorite Rods…
G Loomis IMX 7’1″ Medium:
Dobyns 743 Spinning:

Matt’s Favorite Rod…
G Loomis NRX 852 JWR:

Price Point Rod…
Shimano Zodias 7′ Medium Light:

Scott Canterbury Shaky Head:
Finesse Stand Up Head:
Owner Shaky Head:
Pivot Point Football:
Zodiac Wacky Head:

Zoom Trick Worm:
Netbait T-Mac:
Roboworm 6″ Fat Worm:
Yamamoto Cut Tail:
Zoom Magnum Trick Worm:
Hag’s Tornado Bait:

Favorite Scale:
Favorite Camera:
Favorite Net:

The Free Swinging Wacky Rig is a new bass fishing technique that you probably haven’t heard of. We combine either a Dirty Jigs or Freedom Tackle jighead where the head and the hook are loosely connected. Paired with a plastic worm you get incredible action that will catch the most pressured bass.

When the bite is wide open stick to the shaky head but when the fishing gets tough or the water gets cold and you’re wondering how to catch a bass, try this wacky rig method.

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33 thoughts on “Winter Worm Fishing For Bass: Shaky Heads and a NEW Rig!

  1. As a new worm fisherman, how about a list of the so called 'floating worms' vs non floating worms, and-or neutrally bouyant worms, ans the purpose for those. Sure would help ///////////// thanks

  2. you guys are absolutely awesome. nowhere else on youtube can you get solid info with links to the gear you need. thanks for your time fellas

  3. How Can you tell if a worm floats or not. Someone said if it has salt it does not float, Is there anther way you can tell.

  4. Great tips for getting more bites tried them with great success Tennessee winter pond fishing thanks guys!

  5. What is your favorite colors in the Netbait or Zoom Trick worms? I'm fishing close by to you at Oroville, Afterbay, Collins, and Bullards. – Thanks

  6. YES, absolutely correct on the Netbait T-Mac. don't forget about the sent and the fact that it's about $2 less. by far my favorite finesse shakeyhead worm. roboworm is jut too delicate. I have literally almost gone thru entire bag after about 3-4 fish.

  7. does the scale you listed in the description weigh in decimals or in ounces after the pound measurement? I've been looking for a good scale that measures in ounces (i.e., 5.8 would be 5lb. 8oz. instead of 5lb 8/10ths of a lb.), but it's proving a bit more difficult than expected!

  8. I wish they would do close ups of the hooks and lures because I'm new to using rubber worms and am lost when it comes to the different hooks and things.

  9. Another great video guys. I cant tell you how much I've learned from you. Looking forward to trying these out.

  10. Thanks for the video. I am new to bass fishing and mostly do my fishing out of a kayak and the info you guys give on rigs and setups is great for a newbie like me. Blessings,

  11. Any tips for avoiding gut-hooks with shakyheads? Last time I fished them, the bite was very light that day and they had it down their throat before I knew they were there. I was fishing 8 lb Trilene big game with Owner Ultrahead shakys and zoom shakyhead worms. Pflueger reel and No. 8 blackout medium spinning. Maybe braid/fluoro leader is the solution? How do you feel about hi-vis yellow braid vs. a dark green? My eyes aren't great, so I have a hard time watching line, but I don't want to sacrifice bites.

    Sorry, lots of questions for one comment.

  12. Good work guys. Been fishing a Jeff Kriet Squirrel Tail jighead with good results but the head is kinda wide and does hang up some.  Gonna check out the Dirty Jigs model. Tight lines from a fellow BBCer.

  13. I can relate to rising water guys, was at melonies raised 8ft in two days! crazy!! got some spots 🙂 thanks for everything

  14. This is by far the weakest part of my game. It's very hard to slow down to a crawl. Good video good explanations as well

  15. Just watched the video…thank you….I have been using those Netbait T Mac for a while…love them! Keep up the good work! Mark

  16. Great video as always, guys. Something I've always struggle with is when to throw a shaky head vs a drop shot. Do you guys have any "rules of thumb" or advice you could give on how to determine when to throw what? Thanks a ton!

  17. fished my local lake yesterday and threw just about every thing you could imagine, saw a lot of bass blowing up but nothing. decided to throw my first shaky head with twist lock yesterday with a black zoom trick worm on 15lb floro and i caught 8 solid fish! will be throwing it a lot more now

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