$100,000 Fish – Lake of the Ozarks Big Bass Bash 2018

One Cast. One Bass. Potential $100,000 fish and payday. Big field of 2000-3000+ anglers, but the REAL draw here is taking on the challenges brought on by the conditions, the odds against a monster sized field, fishing a new body of water blind, and sharing the experience with friends.

Driving through Missouri from Chicago on the way home to California, Kevin Brightwell of KGB swimbaits told me about the Big Bass Bash event at Lake of the Ozarks, October 6 & 7, 2018. Decided to make a little detour to fish the event and invited Westin Yancey of Modern Outdoor Media to come fish and help me film the event so we could focus on executing the plan to catch the biggest fish of the weekend.

It’s difficult to tell the entire story with all the different challenges but this video edited by our friends from @Featherwick gets some solid points across. Being focused on the task at hand, the fishing itself and HAVING FUN with friends is what this piece SHOULD be about. Hopefully that resonates. Stay tuned to this channel for follow up videos about the mental aspects of how we approached this tournament, tackle breakdowns and more to come. Lot’s to learn for us all through this event. Merry Christmas and thank you all for your continued support as we go into 2019. Don’t ever forget to #AimHIGHDREAMBig and let the people that laugh at your DREAMS fuel your passion!

There will be a DEEP look into this tournament, my mindset and tackle breakdown videos available on the Patreon Account soon to follow up on this video –


Tackle Breakdown –

Shimano Conquest 400
Reel – Shimano Conquest 400

Megabass Orochi XX Leviathan

Sunline Shooter 30lb Flourocarbon

Megabass I-slide 262t

DREAM Custom Snapback –


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