2017 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown Leg One

LOS SUEÑOS SIGNATURE TRIPLE CROWN BECOMES A MARLIN TOURNAMENT – Leg 1 of the 2017 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown achieves a phenomenal 212 marlin releases by 50 participating boats in just 3 days


Taylor Ashley’s Winning Day on Lake Okeechobee

Only nineteen years old, Taylor Ashley wins the 2017 Costa FLW Series event on Lake Okeechobee.

Ashley’s Winning Pattern – https://flwfishing.com/news/2017-01-28-first-time-is-the-charm-for-ashley

Top 10 Baits – https://flwfishing.com/news/2017-01-28-lake-okeechobee-top-10-baits

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Most Insane Underwater Bass Fishing Footage Ever!! GoPro Footage of Giant Bass Eating Lures!

Ever wondered what it looks like when schools of giant fish start fighting over a lure? Do they really fight over who will eat it first? Let’s go underwater and see!

These largemouth bass are fighting over our jerkbaits to be the first one to bite! This wolfpack of fish is so crazy they’ll bite over and over again! We had one bass nearly 7 lb bite 4 different times before getting hooked!

This isn’t filmed in a bass pond either, these are real bass filmed from a boat during the most insane bite ever!

We were very lucky to have the equipment to go underwater and film these bass striking lures over and over. This is probably the most insane underwater bass footage ever filmed with a GoPro so we hope you enjoy it! We even had bass crashing into and trying to eat the GoPro!

What were the bass eating? Here is the equipment used…

Jerkbait: http://bit.ly/2aIctCx
Split rings: http://bit.ly/2aTH3f1
Hooks: http://bit.ly/2cVg7xW
Line: http://bit.ly/2aaBBDX
Camera Used: http://bit.ly/2dBKx8O

Bass are very predatory and when they begin to school up the jerkbait is a great lure to catch them. The key is the combination of sound and sharp movement. This triggers the bass’ predatory nature and they lash out violently, even when they aren’t hungry.

Be sure and try a jerkbait on your next fishing trip! They’re great for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass and work throughout the year, even for pond bass fishing!

If you don’t know how to fish with a jerkbait watch this video we shot on how to work them: https://youtu.be/53KaZSeIdFM

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Anglers In Action Derby on Grand

Anglers in Action Championship on Grand Lake, OK