Bassmaster Elite: Lake Cherokee and Okeechobee Lake 2017

In the first TV episode of 2017, the Bassmaster Elite Series anglers compete on Lake Cherokee and Okeechobee Lake. A new wave of bass fishermen take center stage at the first event of the season, but a veteran rises to the top at Okeechobee Lake.
Cherokee Lake Top 12:
Jacob Wheeler, Jamie Hartman, Jesse Wiggins, Seth Feider, Paul Mueller, Josh Bertrand, David Mullins, Randall Tharp, Matt Herren, Ott DeFoe, Michael Iaconelli, Brandon Palaniuk
Okeechobee Lake Top 12:
Tim Horton, Ott DeFoe, Cliff Prince, Fletcher Shryock, Greg Hackney, Dave Lefebre, Bobby Lane, Jason Williamson, Dean Rojas, Andy Montgomery, Stephen Browning, Adrian Avena


USA Bassin Pomme De Terre lake; 5th Place with 2 Penalties

USA Bassin Pomme De Terre lake; 5th Place with 2 Penalties
7 Keepers by 11 am, 12 Keepers by 1:45 pm weigh In. Me and my brother Alan Yancey fished the USA Bassin Divisional final at Pomme de Terre Lake this past Saturday, June 17th 2017.

Follow this link to see the only bait I used to catch ten 15″ or bigger keeper Saturday and five or six the day before. This is the exact color and the only lure that I could consistently catch keepers with.

Water temp was 78 to 84 degrees, clarity in the creek arm we were fishing was 1 to 3 feet, and winds variable out of the S or SSW to 10 -12. Lake was still 4-5 feet over pool, so the were pulling 1350 cfs which resulted in a little current to go with the winds.

All total with a 1 lb penalty, and accidentally culling a live 2.6 pound largemouth, we ended up with a 11.72 lb five fish limit at weigh-in and finished 5th overall. Third and fourth places were in the money and were 13.2 and 13.4 lbs. Without the penalty and culling our 4th or 5th biggest fish, we have cashed a check.
We did however, have a blast and are looking forward to the USA Bassin regionals and the championships later this fall.

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Bass Fishing Videos Catching Largemouth Bass Nations’ Randy Yancey! Bass Fishing the Lakes of Southwest Missouri!


Trying to Qualify to Fish in the $300,000 FWC Bass Tournament!

Bass Fishing on the Potomac River. Fishing hard to try and win the last FLW Tour event and also to qualify for my 17th Forrest Wood Cup where I have a chance to win $300,000 in cash Bass Fishing.


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Pre Fishing Pomme de Terre for USA Bassin Tourney

Fished from 1 pm to 5 pm in Decker branch on Pomme de Terre lake in Soutwest Missouri. Was pre fishing for the Pomme division of USA Bassin the next day, June 17th. Found several spots I caught keepers on. High skies, 90 degrees plus, water temp was 80+ on main lake to 83+ in back of creek. S or SSW wind blowing to 10-13 mph gusts. Water was slightly stained to stained (1 to 4 feet max visibility) and they were drawing water down a little (1350 cfs) and the lake was about 5′ above pool still.


2017 FLW TV | Beaver Lake

The FLW anglers are greeted by a very different Beaver Lake for the fifth stop of the FLW Tour.

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My FIRST FLW Bass Fishing Tournament!

My FIRST FLW Bass Fishing Tournament!

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FLW BFL Cowboy Stop Number 4 Toledo Bend

A co anglers point of view of a Flw BFL tournament. Even if i got 71st place i still had fun and moved up in points to 24th. I only caught one keeper the hole day.


Bassmaster Elite: 2006 Battle on the Border at Lake Amistad

2006 was the first year of the Bassmaster Elite Series where 100 of the best bass anglers in the world competed for four days of fierce competition. Lake Amistad was the playing ground for the first ever Elite event.


Joe Bass Team Trail – Stockton Lake 6-4-2017

First time using the GoPro while fishing
This is just a video I made up of the first few hours. Of fishing the Joe Bass Team Trail Stockton Lake tournament. Didn’t get any video of the 2 we got around noon both over 4lbs

We ended up 2nd out of 52 with a weight of 14.26lbs great people run these tournaments

thanks for watching



Bass Tournaments at the following lakes:
Lake Ray Hubbard, Joe Poole Lake, Cedar Creek Lake.
For More info:


Big Bass At Lake Of The Ozarks (U.S.A. Bassin 1st Place)

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Hope you guys enjoyed the video this was the best tournament I’ve ever had and we ended up in First With 21lbs and a $524 check. Im going to shoot for 2 uploads a week maybe 3 so stay tuned
Mostly Cloudy
1-5 mph wind
Water Temp.: 75-78 degrees
Water Clarity: 3 Feet
7’3 H Dobyn’s Fury(734C)

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Bass Fishing Tournament Season Opener 2017

Bass fishing season is finally open here in michigan and this was our first tournament of the year. There were some massive bags brought to the scales and a bass over 6 pounds as well. Spawn fishing tournaments are not ideal but usually only 1 week in michigan open season falls during the spawn so its not that impactful.


usa bassin 6-3-17

USA Bassin Tanners Creek weigh-in 6-3-17


Best Day EVER Bass Fishing a Farm Pond!!! TOPWATER (WHOPPER PLOPPER)PART 1

This was truly an incredible day of bass fishing a Virginia farm pond. Part 1 starts in the morning with an amazing topwater bite using the famous River2Sea Whopper Plopper 130. The bass fishing was amazing throughout the day, and with so much action, I decided to make multiple videos out of the footage. Stay tuned for additional episodes from what was my best day of farm pond bass fishing ever!!!

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1990 Bassmaster Classic

The best bass anglers in the world compete on Virginia’s James River at the 20th Bassmaster Classic. Ray Scott and Bob Cobb reflect on the anniversary, and fishing fans will recognize Tommy Biffle, Rick Clunn and Guido Hibdon.