Topwater Frog Fishing in EXTREMELY Shallow Water!

This fishing trip was hands down the wildest frog fishing day of my life. Bass were chasing shad in less than 1 ft. of water and we couldn’t get the boat close enough to catch them. I decided to get out of the boat and walk in the water up to a wooded island and the madness began. I used the Teckel Sprinker Frog and got blowups right at my feet. Hit that thumbs up if you want to see part 2 of this video!

Lure: Sprinker Frog –
Rod: 7′ 1 G. Loomis Heavy Frog Casting
Reel: Lews Team Pro Mag
Line: 17 lb Stren Mono

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Bassmaster Elite: Champion’s Choice 2006

At the Champions Choice on Lake Champlain in 2006 the Bassmaster Elite Series anglers have a largemouth bass slugfest. Chris Lane, Denny Brauer and Brent Chapman top the leaderboard going in to the final day.
Top 12: Denny Brauer, Brent Chapman, Terry Butcher, Mark Tyler, Tommy Biffle, Chris Lane, Mike Wurm, Todd Faircloth, Kevin VanDam, Paul Elias, Zell Rowland, Paul Hirosky


2017 Bassmaster Classic Part 3

The Top 25 bass fishing anglers battle it out on Championship Sunday at the 2017 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Conroe, and an unexpected Champion climbs from 15th to 1st despite boat problems.
7:00 Unlock the lake
17:30 Mike Iaconelli shares his Classic plans
28:00 Quote from the boat: Jordan Lee
47:00 Kevin VanDam’s Day 3
51:00 Taste the Bait
57:37 Jordan Lee figures out how to get back to weigh-in
1:08:00 Steve Kennedy looks for one big fish
1:22:00 final weigh-in


2017 Bassmaster Classic Part 1

Day 1 of action at Lake Conroe, as 52 anglers battled it out in hopes of starting strong at the 2017 Bassmaster Classic. Shortly after hosting the Super Bowl, Houston Texas hosts the World Championship of bass fishing.
13:00 Kevin VanDam breaks down the fishing conditions of the 2017 Classic,
17:00 Mike Iaconelli on fishing Lake Conroe,
21:25 Edwin Evers with the save of the morning,
31:00 Taste the Bait,
42:00 Move of the Day


Wheeler Lake – Alabama Bass Trail


The 67,100-acre Wheeler Lake and the Tennessee River hug the entire northern border of Morgan County, Alabama and spill through the center of the beautiful Joe Wheeler State Park.

Wheeler spans the 60 miles from Guntersville Dam to Wheeler Dam and is the largest of three manmade reservoirs along the Tennessee River.

This lake is a year-round favorite for both tournament pros and local anglers, and visitors soon find out why. There are plenty of public access points and marinas dotting the shores. Its diverse waterscape features include a wide-open reservoir, creek channels and rock bluffs, and the “Decatur flats,” each offering habitat to a variety of fish species and excitement to a multitude of fishermen.


USA Bassin Tourney, Stockton Lake Pre Fishing for, 7 7 17

Went Pre Fishing Friday at Stockton Lake in SW Missouri, for the USA Bassin Divisional tournament on Saturday. July 8th, 2017.

It was hot, windy with water temps in the mid 80’s, so I concentrated on trying to catch bass ‘Deep’! Used crank baits, in all depth ranges and various colors to see if I could catch some keepers.

Caught 2 keepers, 1 non-keeper and 1 got off at the boat. (non-keeper). Water clarity was pretty good today, with visibility in the 5-6 foot range, except in the far back of some creeks.

Threw mostly crankbaits, and caught most of the keepers on a #Bomber Flat A in a Sexy shad (blue,chart , white).

Caught one on a chatterbait with a 4.8 pro blue Keitech paddletail. Slow rolling it on the deeper side of a wide, long flat in the back of a long creek arm.


Topwater Bass Fishing Blowups in Slow motion! (Behind the scenes)

In this episode we are out capturing topwater bass fishing blowups for lures coming in the Lucky Tackle Box topwater summer box for 2017. This is a little something differn’t with a behind the scenes looking into what is being said and taking place as we target these bass!


Topwater Tip #2 For Bass Fishing: Soft Body Frog

Ken Mah shows the LTB Fam how to fish topwater for summer bass using the soft body frog by Bruiser Baits called the Kickin’ Frog. He rigs it multiple ways to adapt the bait to different conditions he faces.

Ken Mah Website:

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