2018 World Bass Fishing Championship

– From Careco TV, one of the longest-running
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the Atlantic Ocean, this is Americana Outdoors. Presented by Garmin. This week, on
Americana Outdoors, we have full coverage
of the 14th annual Black Bass World
Championship from Mexico. The USA Bass Team will competeagainst a record fifteen nationson the Mexico’s famous fishery, Lake Cuchillo. We start our journey
in McAllen, Texas, getting ready for
a two hour drive, south of the border,
to our destination, the Hotel El Cazador, which is located
next to the lake, just a couple o’ miles
outside of Chino, a perfect location for
international anglersto get on Lake Cuchillo. – I’m excited,
because with Team USA, we did it in South
Africa last year. This year, Mexico is hosting
the World Championship, and so, we’re headin’
down, south of the border, we’re here in McAllen, Texas, we’re gonna go down
to Lake Cuchillo,which is just a few hours south. Big bass factory. None of us have ever
been there before,we don’t even have maps,
really, for the lake, but we’re really
excited about this, because our goal this year,
we got second last time,which is the silver
medal, in South Africa. This time, we’re
fishing for the gold. – Follow the white van,
he’s gonna go slow, and he won’t lose anybody. We’re gonna go meet
the state policeat the border right now. – Alright, enough
small-talking guys, let’s go. We got a gold medal to go get. – Alright, guys, so we
are officially through,it took awhile, through
the check-point. We’ve got all of our
permits, correct? We have these Mexican police,they’re gonna give us an escort, if you’d like, you can check
out their trucks over there. The sketchy thing is, is
the dude in that black truck has got gun holes,
all in the truck! – Does it? – Yeah, look at ’em,
right over there, bullet holes. – That
is our escort. – That is our escort. Alright, that’s
El Cuchillo, dude. That thing looks awesome! Look at the trees out there! I had no idea what the
lake was gonna look like, but that looks juicy. We’re here, we’re here. – Gracias, thank you, thank you. Gracias. – Great drive, great drive. – Well, after
arriving and checking in, USA Bass Team anglers
start to unpack, get tackle rigged up,
the boats plugged in, and set up the rods. They have a little
homework to do. All international anglers
will spend the first two days to practice and get familiar
with this body of water. The 14th Black Bass
World Championship is a three day competition,with five fish limit, each leg. Each team is composed
of three boats, maximum, with two anglers on each boat. The maximum of two
reserved anglers will be allowed
for each country. Well, coming up, time to go fishing. It’s the practice days. For most of the
international anglers, it will be their first time
fishing on this renowned lake. Americana Outdoors
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legends, one at a time. Welcome back to Americana
Outdoors and coverage, of the 14th Black Bass World
Championship in Mexico. All international anglers
will spend the next two days practicing and searching
for giants in Lake Cuchillo. – Is the real tough, but we have four more days,one more day of practice and three days of
official competition. And we think things can change. – We are happy we are here,
and everything is fine,and we are enjoying it. – All those nations
have good anglers, and even got a
possibility to win, but hopefully, in the end,
are the Germans on top! We’ll take a look. – I’m excited about today. Beautiful lake. We’ve got our work
cut out for us. We’ve got enough people that
do enough different things, that I think, over
a two day practice, hopefully, we can find
something really, really good. So, the boats are in the water, it’s time to get fishin’. – We are looking for the
mother of this little child. – Gotta get a little
bigger than this, but it’s a start. There are a ton of fish
suspended right here, but we’re still fairly deep. – Get a look at that. – Big one, dude. – Fred’s got one. – Ha, ha, ha! That little chunker. Hmm. – Oh, right there. – Oh, yeah. Um. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s a Mexico fish. – Got it, my first
Mexican Panoptix bass! Pretty cool. Saw him on the graph,
threw it out there, he got it on the way down. Big ‘un? – Yeah, a big one. – Big ‘un, big ‘un? Oh my God, ten-pounder, dude. – Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh, it’s a giant!Hello, welcome to Mexico! Whoo! – Good fish, bro. – We need five of
those each day. – Yes, we do. – Yeah, so the first
day of practice is over. We are happy to be on the water. We arrive on Friday,
so we have three days chilling in the hotel,so we happy that we
have some fishing today, and we will see what
tomorrow will bring. – In terms of the structure, it’s pretty similar to what
we’re used to fishing at home, so, we just have to
apply what we know, and hopefully it works out, some things do,
some things don’t. We work well as a team, and I think we can do it. – Our biggest fish
in Croatia is six, maybe seven pounds, and this is the reason
why we come here, is to have fun, to
catch some big fish, enjoy the beautiful lake,
the beautiful people,and it’s great. – The 14th Black
Bass World Championship is about to start. But, Mother Nature
has a different plan. – Today, we have a day off, because the weather don’t
let the people go fishing, because today a
cold front strikes. Everybody in North America
knows what means that. Cold front is a very
strong north windthat is make impossible to fish, even, it’s very dangerous,very high waves. – We think it’s good for us, because we don’t know
the lake very well,so we prefer that the hole spots are not so good, like,
fishing is difficult,I think Italians may
have some opportunities, a little bit more
opportunities than ususual. – Coming up,
the wind is dying down. The weather forcast is
looking good for tomorrow. The 14th Black Bass World
Championship is about to begin. Don’t go away. Americana Outdoors,
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Mirage-Drive Pedal systems. Welcome back to Americana
Outdoors and the coverageof the 14th annual Black
Bass World Championship. Anglers from 15 countries
across the globe are set to blast
off this morning, at Lake Cuchillo, Mexico. – What would
it mean for your teamto win this tournament? – Oh, everything, everything. We wait for this one year,and now the time has
arrived, so let’s do it. – It’s calm today. The lakes gonna be
perfect for fishing. I’ll tell you,
the story, though,is gonna be how to beat Mexico. These guys live here. They fish this lake a lot. Defending World
Champions, South Africa, is competing, as well. So, there’s a star-studded
group of countries here. Team USA is well-prepared. Day one starts now. – Well,
the defending champion, Team South Africa,
starts to catch fish, but still not the size
they’re looking for. In the meantime, Dudley and
Fritts of Team USA Bass, pick up better fish
on their crank bait. – Please, please, stay on there. God, almighty! Whoo-hoo-hoo! – He’s maybe five or six. – Oh, yeah, absolutely. – His shoulders got shorter. He might help us a
little bit, though. – Yeah. – The
host country team, Lozana and Rosillo of Mexico,are also having a great
day on Lake Cuchillo. – Man. – Now, let’s
check in with Team Canada. – Just get in the area
that we know has got fish, and slow down and
just pick it apart. You know they’re still here, they didn’t leave. This water temp just dropped. They’re gonna shut
off a little bit, so you gotta make ’em bite. Oh, that’s nice.
– Yeah, just, oh yeah. Number one. – Team USA
Basses Roumbanis and Watson, have constant bites
throughout the day. – It’s a 10 pounder, dude. – How ’bout that? Did you spot lock? – Yeah Big, big ‘un, big ‘un. – I got ya’. – Barely hooked. – Good job, dude. I got a 10, it’s a 10. – Did you see ’em? – Yes. It’s huge, dude,
it’s barely hooked. Yew! Yes! – Let’s check
in with Scott Martin and Scott Canterbury
from Team USA Bass. – Huh? – It’s a big ‘un. – Oh, my gosh, dude. It ain’t a whale,
but it’s a big ‘un. – Oh!That’s you won with me. – Huh, this one’s
bigger than yours, that’s all I want. – It ain’t bigger than mine. – I like the confidence in that. It’s a big one. Now we gotta get rid
of that one, there. Good.
– Big ‘un. I’m not gonna put
any pressure on you. – Where
you at with your line?- Way out, left. – I don’t see ’em. – Oh, I’m fixin’ to see ’em. Here he comes. Told ya’ it’s a big one. I just wanted one
bigger than yours. Oh, my gosh, dude. – The man, he
gonna be a big one,and then he just
slammed big ‘un. – Look at this cull. – The
first day of the 14th Black Bass World
Championship is in the book. Let’s get back for the weigh-in. The USA Bass Team is on the
top of the leader board. Scott Martin and
Scott Canterbury had
the largest weight with 33. 73 pounds. Then came the team of Fred
Roumbanis and James Watson, with 30. 26 pounds,
including an eight-pounder. And the team of David
Dudley and David Fritts added another 17. 74 pounds,for a team total
weight of 81. 73 pounds, with a total of 12 penalties. The second place
country is Spain, with a team total of 52. 97
pounds and 41 penalties. And Mexico comes in third, with a team total of
45. 25, with 41 penalties. Americana Outdoors
will be right back, with full coverage of the 14th
Black Bass World Championship from Mexico. Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, has been brought to you by:Secret Lures, the secret is out, Sunline, the strenth to
guarantee your confidence, and by Power-Pole,
swift, silent, secure. Hey, welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. We’re in Mexico, on the
legendary Lake Cuchillo, for the final day
of the 14th annual Black Bass World Championship. Well, it’s very slow right now. Most of the teams are
really struggling. Bluebird day, no
wind, slick water. It’s not a good thing
for bass fishing,and to make things even tougher, the tournament has a
penalty point system. – What happens is, if you
don’t catch your fish, you get 45 points, and the
least amount of points wins. So, it can really draw you down. So, the point system, you can be 30 pounds
ahead of somebody, and it don’t mean anything. First place gets one point, second place gets two, so, the least amount of points
is gonna win this thing. – Gonna measure it. Thank God! Well that kept us from
gettin’ 45 points. – Now we got 44 points.
– Now we got 44 points. – Today,
David Fritts is replaced by Terry Bolton, who is
new to the team this year, and was the alternate today. Fritts had motor issues
on his boat yesterday, so Dudley will fish
with Bolton today. – Yeah! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! – Oooh! Dude! Oh, my gosh!- Oh, gosh, there’s two
of ’em, three of ’em, Oh, my gosh. Holy crap! – Dude, we are gettin’ ready
to freakin’ hammer ’em. – Oh, my gosh!Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh! Whooo. – Team USA
Basses Martin and Canterbury need to find giants to
maintain their leads, but so far, they’ve picked
up only the small ones. – Got ya, we’ll make it. – Yeah! Boov! Boo, boo, boo, huzzah!- Were you gonna give me
some before you get it. – Boov! Look, it fell out, dude. Fell out! Panoptix, baby, Panoptix. We saw ’em, I saw ’em
on the ledge, whoo! Yeah, come on. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!My boy, my boy, my boy! – Dude, dude, eumm! – That
helps, like a lot. – Another good one. – Oh my gosh, dude,
it’s a big one. – We got it. – That big.
– Yeah. – Real big. – He’s a giant, bro. – He came off!They like that big worm. – The final
day of the 14th annual Black Bass World Championship
is officially over. Now it’s time for
the final weigh-in. – We did all we could do, dude. We had a really good
day, a really good week. I feel like we were blessed. Hopefully, Watson can pull
it out right here at the end,and catch a couple more big
ones, or a couple more keepers. That’ll be really big for us. – If we win? We’re gonna gel out. Everyone is gonna
be crazy in Mexico. We’ve been looking for that
gold medal for a few years, 14 years, we’re
looking for that. – Alright,
coming third is Team Italy, with 89 penalties, and a
total weight of 75. 75 pounds. The second place
belongs to team Mexico, with a grand total
of 84 penalties,and 95. 58 pounds for the event. Team Mexico had a
strong final day,finishing first, 13th, and
29th on the day’s pair ranking. And the winner of the 14th
Black Bass World Championship, is Team United States,with a two-day total
weight of 135. 36 pounds, and a total of 49. 5 penalties. – We won the gold!- We won the gold, baby!Awesome! The guys hope you
enjoyed watchin’! We’re gonna go celebrate!Thanks for hangin’ out. – Well, that’s it, from Mexico’s Lake Cuchillo. Don’t forget to visit
BassPro. com and Cabelas. com for any outdoors products
you’ve seen in the show,or anything you need
for your next adventure. Hey, thanks for watching
and join us next week on a new episode of
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Star Spangled Banner”) Americana Outdoors is
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