2019 Texas Team Trail – Lake Travis

– Lake Travis, A highland reservoir
on the Colorado River in Central Texas, and the first stop
in the 2019 seasonof the Texas Team Trail presented by Bass Pro
Shops and Cabela’s. It’s early March and the
lake is transitioning into a springtime pattern. But as series of recent cold
fronts have pushed through and what the fish are
doing is anybody’s guess. – These cold fronts
coming through ’bout every three
days right now, the water temperature
keeps warming up. During the warming
trend the fish move up,they get ready to spawn. In fact we did see three
fish on the beds today, which I totally didn’t expect. – Yeah, they’re
wanting to move up. Get some sunshine and
like everybody else knows,they’re right there on the edge. – At some point
sun’s gonna come out, it’s gonna warm up, it’s gonna bust loose. – Well I tell ya
it would be great if we got a warming trend, but we did not get
that this week. So it’s gonna set up
a little bit difficult for some of the guys, but the opportunity’s
definitely out there. Expect some big bags
to be brought up. – Whoever wins it will
deserve it I promise you. – We’ve
got a full fieldfishing for more than $100,000. The road to the championship
starts right nowon the Texas Team Trail presented by Bass Pro
Shops and Cabela’s. – Okay we’re
gonna get this thing going, we’ve got boat number
one ready to go. I’m gonna give you an
official time check. If you’re in the first flight
boats one through fifty your check-in time
is three o’clock, it is 7:15, 7:15. – Welcome
to Jones Brothers Park on Lake Travis for the
first launch of the season. We’ve got 220
teams on the water, fishing for a total
purse of $104,905 including a Triton 189 TRX powered by a 150 horsepower
Mercury motor for first. If the winning team
takes advantage of the contingency programs, they’ll be
automatically upgradedto a 19 foot boat with
a 200 horsepower motor. Okay, moving right into
tournament coverage, let’s get the season started with Colt Farris
and Taylor Hardin. They’re starting their
day close to take-off, fishing rocks and docks along
a series of shallow bags. – Crack has been pretty good, we’ve got a pattern
down so that’s good. But we haven’t gotten to
explore much of the lake,but every time we get on
a certain type of bank we catch two or three
fish so that’s been good. – Man this
morning’s slow it’s. . . we’ve only been at
it about an hour now so I mean it’s
slower than I’d like, but even during practice the
late bite has been better. – Yesterday we
caught fish from two foot all the way down to 35 foot so this lake’s
chock full of fish. – I think he’s gonna keep spite. There we go right there. It’ll be close won’t he? Maybe thirteen and a half. – Oh my god he keeps. – Oh he keeps, wow. There’s number one. Number one is a small
one but we’ll take it. Well we got one and we’re
gonna need four more and probably a good one to
get up there and whatnot. You know our goal since we
don’t know this lake very well, is just start out try to
get around 10 or 12 pounds. Looking at past
tournaments on this lake, that should put us in pretty
good shape to get a check. If we get any other big ones, that’s just put us higher in
the standings and whatnot. So that’s our goal. – Moving on we’ll
head north and check in withGraden Hansen and Chris Digino. They’ve got their
ranger boat offshoreon a staging point
they found in practice. – So we both came up
here two weekends ago, spent the day together and then came up here
last weekend with my son. Put in two full days. This is a unique format
in that everybody only gets one day of practice. So we each brought a boat, split up and tried to
cover twice as much water. So you know we’ve got plenty
of water to run today. We’re gonna run out of time before we run out of spots. I don’t know if there’s
gonna be fish on any of then, but we’ve got plenty
of places to hit. – Yeah this spot yesterday
I’d come up here. Graden found some
good fish down south, which we’ll end up at, but found this late
in the day yesterday, figure we’d run to
it in the morning, see if they wanted
to feed early. But from what
we’ve been catchingas far as average size, the bigger fish were
sitting here staging. In two casts I have
three and a five, so definitely had
some good fish on it, they just haven’t
decided to fire just yet. By the looks of everybody elsedotted these points it’s
pretty much the deal if you’re gonna get
some bigger fish instead of that
run-of-the-mill ten pounds that you’re probably
gonna see a lot of, I think one extra four-pounder
will go a long way. – Early predictions
indicate it’ll take at least 12 pounds
to get a check, with bags over 20
expected to win. Pressing on we’ll continue
with tournament coverage with Terry Peacock
and Tim Cline, fishing out of a Nitro Z21. – Now we’re starting out running
the back of these pockets, to see if we can’t
catch some fish that might’ve moved
up during the night. Yesterday first time Tim
and I ever been on this lake but there’s a lot of male
fish back in the back of these pockets yesterday. Tim’s throwing a wacky rig and I’m throwing a
little swim bait. We tried to make a spinner bait,we tried to make it work
yesterday and we just couldn’t. We couldn’t get it to happen, we had to really, really I guess call finesse type of fishing
that we like to do this is a lot cleaner water. The main thing for us yesterdayis when we run back this far is water temperature is
two degrees warmerhere than it was anywhere else. So that was actually really
the biggest key for us. It makes ’em move
up a little bit,makes a little bit more active. There was no sunshine yesterday and then I don’t think
we’re gonna have any today. It’s gonna kinda be. . . – Well maybe not. Look at that, 15 incher!- That’s the first one. That’s what we figured
it was gonna be, it’s gonna be numbers. Catch eight or ten then
catch one big enough to keep. Just hopefully in them numbers
there’s one of them that’s— Seven or eight pounds. – Yes, one big one. – It’s still early,we’re seeing a few fish caught. Expect to see more
as the day warms. And if the sun
manages to come out and the water temperature
creeps closer to 60 degrees that shallow bite
should really pick up. The Texas Team
Trail presented by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s 2019 season is just
getting started. Coming up in May, we’ve got back-to-back
single day tournamentson Sam Rayburn. For information and registrationhit us up at TexasTeamTrail. com The Texas Team Trail
is presented to youby Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, Your adventure starts here! By Lucas Oil, title sponsor of our
Angler of the Year program, and by Ranger Boats, Still building
legends one at a time. Welcome back to Lake Travis, a highland lake noted for
it’s deep rocky ledgesand clear water. In recent times like
many lakes in the region, Travis was down
more than 50 feet. After a long drought the
lake flooded in 2018, giving new life to the
cental Texas fishery. That said, teams have
struggled to locate or pattern the big females
that should be stagingto move shallow. – You know our
pre-fishing day it was. . . Caught a lot of fish
but nothing of any size. We did a lot of looking
for bedding fish and seen quite a few but. . . I’m pretty sure this
tournament’s not gonna be one sight fishing. I mean we never seen a fish
over two and a half pounds. – There’s gonna be a lot
more of a finesse pattern happening on Lake Travis. I can guarantee you the
person that finds the fish or that wins this tournament is gonna be won within the
last two hours of the event. Because as the day goes on that bites getting so much
better for all of use. – It kinda reminds me of
the old day at Amistad when it was down real low and
the water come up real high there’s a lot of trees in that
12 to 16, 18 feet of water. We caught some out
a little bit today, and we caught some way up and we really had more
bites than what I thought. They were talking about
it being 70 degrees today and I don’t think it’s got
out of the 50’s all day and gotta chance
of rain tomorrow. So with it dark, overcast those
shallow fish are gonna bite. – Getting back
into tournament coverage, we’ll catch up with Cody
Greaney and Matthew Moccia, one of the few teams we’ve
come across with a limit. They’re running the
shoreline looking for fish that’ve just moved
up and are holding around the flooded vegetation. – Tucked up in that growth,the lake was down and
all this stuff grew up, we never had that
on Lake Travis. And we’d notice that a
couple these spawn fish, you’ll see this bright bed and that fish’ll be tucked
up in that dark stuff. – While Cody
keeps an eye on the shallows, Matthew’s throwing an Alabama
rig into deeper water,kind of a one-two punch. – Just kinda trying to
hit these drop-offs, and hit the area that he’s
not hitting up shallow and cover as much
water as possible. – Got him? Good. – Eh. – You need help. – Yeah, what ya think?- Good. – Good job Holmes. I told you I know they’re here. – For sure, yeah. Well that’s our small
one on that side. – With
five in the livewell, Greaney and Moccia are cooing. At the end of the day,every ounce gained could
translate into cash. – This one right here. – Oh okay, the one on the right?- Yeah. – That was an easy
coel good job! Swim, swim free little buddy. – It’s
getting close to midday and we’re getting reports
of intermittent rain across the lake and
now it’s doubtful that these clouds will break
before the 3:00 p. m. check-inComing up we’ll continue
tournament coverageand then we’ll head back
to Jones Brothers Park for weigh-in where
there’s more than one hundred thousand
dollars on the line right here on the
Texas Team Trail presented by Bass Pro
Shops and Cabela’s. The Texas Team Trail
presented to you by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’sis also brought to you
in part by Triton Boats,We take America fishing. Garmin Electronics Fight the fish, not
your fish finder. By Mercury Outboards, Go boldly and by Amphibia sunglasses, Performance floating eye gear. Welcome to Lake Travis, our first stop of the season. We launched 220
boats this morning, and now we’re getting down to
the final hours of competition We’ll pick up TXTT coverage with Gary Bowen
and Randy Fleeman,they’re in deeper
water dragging plastics through flooded vegetation. – We’re not doing too bad,we pulled up here first
thing this morning. Randy caught one right
off our first cast and we’ve gotten
four keepers so far. We’re just kinda trying
catch some of the bigger ones that should be staging
up right in this area. – There he is. – Got him?- Yeah. He come in. – He came in, there he is. Hold on. I knew there was
one up in there. Whooo, number five!- That’s what we’re
looking for right there. – Whoo boy! – That’s the second one ’bout
that size we’ve gotten so far. They’re just sittin’ out
here staging getting ready. – That’ll work. – The water needs
about four more degrees and they’ll be up on the boat. River channel runs right
along this bank over here. Goes around a big corner, this is a big ‘ol giant flat With two points, one right
here and one over there. There’s a creek channel
that comes through here. It’s about 40, 50
feet right out here and it runs right down
the middle of this and goes into that little
pocket back there in the back. So when the lake was real
low before the flood- – Let’s get him in there. the lake was low enough,I mean probably another
hundred yards out, which is solid dirt. Over that time a lot
of just weeds and stuff had grown up on this flat and with the water being up and everything with the weeds
and stuff with the shrub and stuff that’s in there, it’s a real good spawning
flat for the fish to come up ’cause they got deep
water sitting there, flat up here and a lot of
brush still in the water. So it’s just
basically turned into one bit ‘ol spawning flat. – Once you hit the right
spot they’re there. He drilled that one. He tried to suck it right
back down into that tree. – Gary and
Randy have a limitthat may go around eight pounds. Predictions are calling for
12 pounds to pick up a check, but contingency payouts go
deeper than the regular purse. In this event contingency
will pay 55 places. For last stop of the day, we’ll check in with
Arizona’s Paul Iversonand his stepson Hunter Dragosh. – This is a
good spot right here. – They’re up shallow
With two in the livewell. – Oh, there’s
a bass right there,just came off this bed. Okay, we’ll get this one. So we have an opportunity here. I’m just gonna make
a nice little circle and see where this
little guy goes. He might. . . He’ll be close but he
came right off a bed. We’ve seen ’em as far
as a foot off the bank in six inches of
water this morning which was surprising. In a week or two this
place will explodeif the weather changes. – Paul we’re at 2:15. – We’re at 2:15 so
we’ve got 45 minutes?Okay we’ll just- – Check-in
at three o’clock. – Oh so three o’clock?Okay and we’re only what
five minutes up the. . . Let me just run up a
little as far as the. . . Hold on a second. Look underneath this bush here. That’s where we’ve
been seeing ’em. How am I doing back there? That’s what I thought
I could hear it. Let’s see if he snuck up. Oh! – You could cruise
back up that right side if you think they moved up. – Okay, oh the side that. . . Oh he’s right there, I’ll get him. – [Hunter} Does not wanna go. – He ain’t going anywhere. Oh, don’t you dare. Hunter you’re gonna
have to come. . . Oh, I. . . Oh, he’s gonna
eat it watch this. Come on, he turned on it. He turned on it. All’s he gonna do is just. . . Aw yeah, he’s sittin’ there. We’ll let him. . . Come on. Got him!
I was just gonna say
“Hunter lift up the talons ’cause we’re not movin’. ” Okay, we’ll get him again. We’ve done this before. Shoot! – He’s gone now. – He’ll come back. We’ve done this before, we’ve hooked him like
this many a times. He’ll come back
and sit on that bed and we’ll catch him just. . . If we got five minutes. – Paul and
Hunter are down to the final moments of their day, from here it’s a short
run back to check-inat Jones Brothers Park. Weigh-in is next right here
on the Texas Team Trail presented by Bass Pro
Shops and Cabela’s from Lake Travis. The Texas Team Trail
is presented to youby Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. Your adventure starts here. By Nitro performance
fishing boats,and by Lowrance, Find, Navigate, Dominate. – Welcome
to Lake Travisfor the Texas Team Trail presented by Bass
Pro and Cabela’s. We’re super excited
to be here today. We’re gonna be
awarding a fully rigged tournament ready bass boat. – Altogether
there’s $104,905 up for grabs. Including a Triton 189 TRX
with a Mercury 150 for first. If the winners are
signed up and qualified in the contingency program they’ll be
automatically upgradedto a Triton 19 foot TRX with a 200 horsepower
Mercury on the back. Learn more about
our sponsor programs at texasteamtrail. com – Oh yean
look at this folks! Beautiful bass right there. How ’bout that? – Anglers
reported finding bass in all stages of the spawn,and as expected we saw some
big fish come across the stage. including this one that
pushed the scales to 7. 53 anchoring a five fish limit
for Adrian and Daniel Barnes. Earning them fourth place
overall and a check for $3,339. – Alright
we got a good lookin’ sack of fish here. – Ryam
Warren and Jason Derrickput five on the scales for 17. 47 and that was good
enough for third, including sponsor contingency
and angler advantage payouts, they’ll take home $5,140. – We’re pretty happy overall, I mean we hadn’t been out here in about a year so we
didn’t know what to expect. We just kinda come down
here and fish the conditions and it worked out for us. – Kevin Allen
and Brandon Brossettweighed 17. 81 and
locked up second place. They’ll take home $7,224
for their efforts. – We had found some shallow
fish and went to them and probably caught 20
fish but just no size, only two keepers. And he had found some
deeper main lake fishand we decided to make that move and 20 minutes we had
those two six-pounders so needless to say we stayed
the rest of the day there. – What
were you guys throwing? – The two big fish
come on A-rigs. All the smaller fish up
shallow come on wacky rigs. – And at the
top of the leader board, it was Paul Stokes
and David Hogge stacking up nearly 24 pounds anchored by a seven pound
six and a half ounce fish that also locked up
the Big Bass award. – We were fishing pre-spawn fish and most people were fishing
shallow or mid shallow. We were out there
in 20 to 40 foot. – Our boat was sat in
45 foot all day long. – 45 all day long. – I think the shallowest we
cast to today was 18 foot. – And what
were you throwing at ’em?- Everything in the box. – Honestly we really were. We caught a couple
on a Carolina rig,I think the big one
come on a Carolina rig. Couple on a shaky head
and a couple on a jig. – Stokes and
Hogge dominated the field, earning $35,000 for the day
including a Triton 189 TRX with a 150 horsepower Mercury, however; by not being a part
of the contingency program, they missed out on a
boat and motor upgrade worn an additional $5400. We’ve got a number of
sponsor contingency awards, and if you don’t sign up it’s
just money left on the table. And finally if you’re in
the market for a new boat, we encourage you to check
out our preferred network of dealers. You know, support those
that help support the TXTT. For dealer information, check out the sponsor bonus
program page on our website. That’s TexasTeamTrail. com This has been a
CarecoTV presentation. Thanks for watching.

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