24/7series: Episode 4 | Winyah Bay


– Biggin’, biggin’, biggin’. Huge!Get up in here!Yes, that’s what I’m talking about, whew!No. Here at Winyah Bay, stop number fourof the Bassmaster Elite Series. We’re here in Georgetown, South Carolinawe got the ocean, we got crabs, dolphins,salt water, fresh water,brackish water, bass. We’re gonna go try tocatch us some bass tomorrowand see what happens. – It’s supposed to be likeanother foot or two highertomorrow I think. It’s gonna rise. It’s gonna keep rising today. – Tomorrow, them weathermanaround here don’t know what the hellthey’re talking about. – I’m just going off of the. . . – A biggin’. Freakin’ biggin’. Get on the freakin’ boat! – You got one? – Number two baby, yes, thank you Lord. – Listen Hunter, it’s gonna happen. Listen Hunter, it’s gonna happen. – Yes!Yes, baby!!- Number three, twelve incher. – Yes!- Yes, baby, yes, baby!It’s number four, one more. – Oh my God. – That’s her!- No, no, no, no, no, no Keep coming, keep coming. No. No. Yes!Ball game boys, freakin’ ball game. Oh my gosh, man. – Have faith baby, have faith. – Yes! As I called number five,we’re pulling out a twelve incheror another two and a half. For that one right there baby, oh my Gosh. Bye, bud. Dude, you guys ran right past me. – Were you behind an island somewhere?- No, I was right on theinside of the bushes, and like,the whole back of the boat’s hanging outand you guys just went past and I’m like. – Dude, and we stayed foran hour and it was nothingon Bass track. – Three flips later and I catch a three. – This guy, now he gaveus some good excitement,I will say that. Because that one photowas incredible, dude. And I was like waiting,- Thank you. – I was like okay, we’rejust gonna sit right herewait for the dude to come by. We’re like listening,and I’m like okay, Moose boy’s here,but right about, we stopped— Oh, you waited?- Oh yeah. – From Newcomerstown,Ohio, Hunter Shryock. Hunter Shryock had a good day. Watch the scale, five fish here,on day number one BassProshop Bassmaster Elite,15 pounds, eight ounces. 15 eight and HunterShryock’s just four ouncesfrom the overall lead. Currently so, movesinto second place currently hereon day number one, at 15, eight. Dude, I know how jacked you must’ve been. You know how big a bagthat is in this tournament,and how far that’ll go in this event. On to tomorrow, but a great start. – Yeah, it looks a lot easier up here,than what it actually was. I was going afterliterally a couple bites. I think I’m around some big fishbut, man tomorrow’s a new day. I’m going to go out thereand flip my Berkeley Pit Boss around. Something that I’m comfortable with doing. Getting them out of thisstuff is one thing, you know. I left one out there I wish I’d got out,but you know getting it out,fifty pounds by the wire braid,just doing something that I love to do. So, I’m gonna go out there and try to geta couple of bites tomorrow. The thing is, it could be a seven pounderon this place, or bigger. So, I’m really looking forward to itand you know conditionsare changing all the time. – I’m really looking forwardto seeing how it finishesout, a great start. – We are back at the camper,it’s about 8:30, gettingthe GoPro’s dialed in. So when you’re seeing this,it all came off this little guy. Heck of a day, I gotthe bites that I needed. Landed six of the seven,flippin bushes like that,it’s tough to do. Pretty fortunate to havecaught what I caught. But I also know that thearea that I’m fishing,produces big ones. So, I’m also surprised thatI didn’t catch one overfive, six, seven poundsbecause usually if you getover five, six, seven bite,you’re gonna have a big one. You know, the water’s rising everyday. They’re dumping it outof Santee Cooper, so,it rose almost three feetin one day since practice. So, all of my areas thatinitially got bites in,a lot of them didn’t pan out. So, I had to learn some little deals todaythat really helped wherethose fish are setting up at,positioning at. It’s supposed to go upanother foot by tomorrow,and I seriously have debatedabout running to the Copper river,which is like 120 miles one way. But the more I sat hereand thought about it,the more I think”You know what?”At this point I don’t care,because I’m in second place”at the Bassmaster Elite Series event. “And I have an opportunityto win this thing. “Stressful deal. A lot of changing conditions. You don’t get theseopportunities very often. So, we’re gonna see itthrough and see what happens. – It’s been a great tournament so far. Conditions are a littlebit different today. Do you think that’ll makefishing tougher, or no? – Damn, that’s what I was talking about. Come on you joker bite again. Come on. That’s a good sign, got a bite. Yeah baby. Yes!You have no ideahow happyI hope this 12 inch bass is. Aw man. I love you. Gotta just be 12 inches,oh he’s a full 13. If I hold it really close,we gotta start somewhere. That could be a $7,500 fish,I don’t know. I’ll kiss everyone of these things. I’ll kiss everyone of them. But you know that, right?That’s right. That’s all we gotta do. Biggin’, biggin’ biggin’!Oh my gosh, Lord please. Lord please,get up in here!Yes!Yes!Yes!That’s what I’m talking about! Golly. God is good. That’s why we’re up here, thank you Lord. Oh my gosh, everybodyI’m sorry for screaming,but you have no idea howjacked up I am right now. Let’s put this thing in there. What is that, four?Four and a half, let’sget to work, come on. I’ma give you a hug. $7,500 fish we’re fishing tomorrow,and we gotta figure somethingout to win this Derby. One fish changes everything. I just need to catch three more. Three more bites. Ah, I’m shaking. Oh, you can’t make that up,you can’t buy it, nothing. That is the best feelingin the world, right there. That’s why we keep coming back to do it. It makes a lot of timeand everything worth itto catch one stinking fish. We only got two and I feel like I just won the tournament. Think it came out of that tree. Out of the current, it’sa little bit of a scene. It’s eleven o’clock now. Two o’clock it’s going tobe low tide at Jamestown,so it’s getting right. Gosh that reassures everythingthat I’ve been talking about. I feel like I can catchone more of the same size. I catch one more of the samesize, I feel like I’m okay. I salvaged the day. And you could come back up here tomorrowand catch 22, or you could catch two. It’s like,it’s risky business, but. . . That was ugly, but we got number three!Whew! It’s a keeper, that’s a keeper. Specific. Gosh, it’s so specific. Two more bites. – All right, day number two,moving day of the Bassmaster Elite Series. All right, let’s get it started right. From Newcomerstown, Ohio,get loud for Hunter Shryock. And 15, eight left to dock,in second place this morning,needs three pounds even to take the lead. Three fish here today,eight pounds and an ounce,a brand new leader with23 pounds and nine ounces. That fish right theremay save your tournament. The way that became, suppose a big bass. Four pounds 14 ounces,and dude you were jackedwhen you caught that fish,and with good reason. I mean a fish that size in this tournamentis a major, major player. – Yeah, it is a major player. I mean, and that’s what’sso unique about Winyah Bay. This fishery, you seehow tight the waves are,but everybody has the opportunityto go out there andcatch 15, 20, 24 pounds. We’ve seen it here before. And I’m fishing in anarea that is, you know,high-risk, high-reward. And it shows today. Yesterday it worked out. Hopefully, get the fish tomorrow. And you know, if it happens,if I get five bites,there’s gonna be acouple big ones in there,and that’s the exciting part about it. And I haven’t caught a true,true, you know, river giantthat you guys are usedto seeing around here. And, I know they’re in here. And what’s the big bass right now?Six?- Six, ten. – Six ten so yeah,there’s definitely somebigger ones in here,and I’m gonna try to catch some tomorrow. – Well, the good news isyou don’t have to hopefully,you’re gonna make it, dude. ‘Cause if your weight doesn’t make ita lot of people are goingto be upset, trust me. – Day three, we’resitting in seventh place. After two days of fishing, we’rehalfway through this thing. And I’ve only got eightfish to show for it. The good thing is I don’thave any other placeto go at this point,to even feel like I can catch a bass. So I’m gonna go there andI’m gonna grind it out. I’m just gonna fish faster,try to cover as much water as I can. Looking forward, to try tosee this thing to the end. Yes, sir!Yes! Oh my God!Got a bite, yeah!Got it, baby. Big slimy kiss right on the lips. Fish in the moment,gosh, this is what they talk about. That was a bite. Was a four or five pounder. – From Newcomerstown, Ohio,get loud for Hunter Shryock. At 23 pounds and nine ounces,two fish added to that here today. Five, nine moves him into 17th place,with 29 pounds and two ounces. Let’s hear it for Hunter Shryock. Hunter, you knew you playeda very dangerous game. We talked about it onthe dock this morning. You knew you weren’t catching numbers,but you definitely were catching quality. And it just fell those fewnumbers short, I guess. – Yeah, it did, you knowwhat, I had a great week. I’m fortunate to be here today, honestly. And this place is an awesome fishery. To be able to have these guyscatching so many numbers of fish. And then you got me up atotally different river,catching hardly anything. But when I got a bite, it was a good one. And actually each day you lose one,but everybody loses them. And, you know, put my Abu Garciarods and reels to the test. I probably made a thousand pitchesbefore I’d actually get one to bite,but it’s something thatI’m confident in doing,and love doing. Awesome crowd, can youguys cheer one more timefor me, thank you. I love this, this is awesome. And honestly, this is the first timein a Bassmaster Elite Series event. And I’ve had goosebumpsgoing out on day threebecause like I said,having an opportunity,that’s all we ask for as anglers,is having an opportunity,and there are some big bass out here. You guys better come back tomorrow,’cause you’re gonna seesome more weighed in. – A lot of fun to watch youthis week on Bassmaster Live,congrats and a great finish. – Just wrapped up day three. We weighed in two bass. So that was the census of the week. Made aokay bad practice, and turnedit into a decent tournamentand there’s really nothing Iwould have done differently. Go back to the same riverand just put our head down and fish hard. Ran a lot of new water. I actually caught the only two fish today. Go to a style of stuff Ithat I haven’t fished yet. I looked at on the map, it looked good. Get the season back on track. Get that Top 35, get acheck and get good points. You know, the ultimate goal,make it to the BassmasterClassic, win a tournament. It was good to have that feeling. That possibility was there. I’ve never had that in a late series eventthat I felt like I hadthe possibility to win. And that’s why we do this. And I needed that. That helps keep yourejuvenated and hungry. You know, its tough whenyou get beat down a bunch,but you get that one tasteand that’ll prolong youfor like a year, two years, three years. Hopefully, it’s not that long. Hopefully, we’re on track toget that blue trophy real soon. But, on the go, and going to pre-practice,and then Lake Fork, so we’re out. See you guys. – Outie 5000- Deuces.

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