24/7series: Episode 6 | Mississippi River

– I got $10,000
at the end of my line. Stop number six in theBass Master Elite Series, hereon the flooding Mississippi River. We got torrential downpours, and the riveris changing. Literally, every single
day the water’s rising,but I am stoked just to go up north,and fish the grass, fish the pads,and really it’s my favorite way to fish. Can you go around and get my frog boxout of the side of the camper please? – All right, thank you. – Next up,
ladies and gentlemen,he’s in a first season on
the Bass Master Elite Series,I’m sorry, Hunter
Shryock, first season herein the Elite Series, and
a good start to things. 15 pounds, 13 ounces. You know, you gotta imagine
that I didn’t do that,but I almost called him, “Fletcher. “Probably smoother MC’s
would not admit to it,but yeah, I totally almost called youyour brother’s name and I might haveforgot where I was for a quick second. But you didn’t forget
where you are, a great day. – Great day James, we had
a lot of fun out there. No, I’m just kidding. No, thank you guys for coming out,I had a really blessed day,
you know, it’s raining. I’m hoping I can do it again tomorrow. But conditions are changing,
so it’s going to be different. – Great start to things,keep it rolling, who have we got next? – Oh, they’ll be another video then. – Yeah. – I’ll put it in right now. 24/7 right here, in the rain. – I want a few, a little
there, after about an hour. – What are you thinking?- How I’m going to catch a bass tomorrow. It is changing fast, the stuff
that I got bit on in practiceit was all underwater, and current,which I kind of expected,
but you just don’t havevery many options, you gotta
start finding new stuff. – [Fisherman On Other
Boat] Have any of you guys – Yeah. – You have it?- Yeah. – I just beatthe hell out of it, I’ve got . All right. This, blocking it. – Yup. Can you go check it right now?Make sure if mine works?I gotta go find me some
damn two and a half pounderssomewhere, gone all lake. 174. – Oh my gosh, man. – Flipping awesome. – Aw, I’m
going to get emotional. It isn’t even that big. I’m sorry. – That’s all right, dude. That’s awesome. – I don’t even know
what I’m thinking right now. I literally sat there going, “God,please just give me something. “Dude, I’m serious, if it wasn’t,I ain’t never sat here and
got teary eyed in a boat. I’m the biggest hypocrite too. You know what I’m saying?I can sit here, and
cuss, and not be right. – I know, easy to do. – Oh yes, please be bass. See it blow up there on the edge. Oh man. What are you doing, Hunter?ugh, good lord. Yup. I got $10,000 on the end of my line. Yes!Oh my gosh, God is good. Look at that fish!Look at that tank, boom! I’m about to start crying
again, look at that!That’s a three and a half pounder, baby. I’m so sorry. – There’s
nothing to be sorry for. – Dude I get,
that was that same fish. – Yeah?- It was, gosh I almost blew it. Oh, that’s a four pounder. Now we’re talking about like,get ready for top 12, seriously. I need to catch one. – That’s her. That’s another one. We just moved up. , oh my gosh. Stay buttoned . Look at this!Three pounder, baby. – All day. – Oh my gosh, what in the heck?Wow, wow, that just happened, dude. This doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. – It does. – It does, but— You make it happen. – It hasn’t happened to me yet. – Well, it just did. – Yes!♪ What’s right or wrong ♪♪ What if I twist to L, write the song ♪♪ Strip it on the page,
to give praise up ♪♪ To the Most High in securing equity ♪♪ Finding my substance in a symphony ♪♪ While the road I was meant to walk on ♪♪ Floats by, coasts by ♪♪ Mind don’t cloud nine ♪♪ Speaking to these
demons that fond of me ♪♪ Past mistakes, that’s all me ♪♪ Mud covered my face hard and ♪♪ It was a part of me as I bleeded out ♪♪ Let us read the pages to my Odyssey ♪♪ My artistry is stained by the blood ♪♪ Of a king who reigns ♪♪ Yeah no last minute’s rain ♪♪ Yet all I see is half-steps ♪♪ Never to fill a full measure ♪- Yeah so I— I want to get a photos real quick. ♪ And my commitment is submitted
to the fool’s pleasure ♪♪ Book of life secured
in the truth’s ledger ♪♪ The hand of the author remains steady ♪- Good job. – I’ll see ya tomorrow. – Yup. – Thank you. – That was amazing. – I think 40 minutes left to get. – How much you got?- 14. – That’s nice. That’s how it works. ♪ Say no name any ♪♪ Never to erase only replace ♪♪ The pain in me, grace ♪♪ Washes over the strained envy ♪♪ Untouched is where I place the ones ♪♪ I’ve idolized, yet
my unimpressed pride ♪♪ Keeps me speaking white lies ♪♪ My brother from stress,
with a desire to become ♪♪ A king, among the tongues of man ♪♪ My weakness gets the upper hand ♪♪ And still the burden is great ♪♪ To serve my god, blessed are those ♪♪ Who see him when he arrives absolutes ♪♪ The seed watered takes root, it true ♪♪ Beautiful words fall from your lips ♪♪ I feel my pain is gone ♪♪ Oh you take me home,
can’t live like this ♪- A lead series rookie, Hunter Shryock. Hunter had 15 pounds, 13 ounces yesterday. Would desperately love to stick aroundand hang with us through the weekend. 14 pounds, eight ounces,
30 pounds and five ouncesand Hunter Shryock has his eyeson his first Championship
Sunday appearance if he keeps catching them like that. Through the first cut,
and I know it’s alwaysa lot of pressure drops off at that point. And I bet you guys
gotta be looking forwardto getting out there tomorrow. – I haven’t even thought
about it honestly,I’m still kind of shaking
because at two o’clock,I’m doing at three. And I had nine pounds,
so literally in like40 minutes, I looked
up to the sky and said,”Lord, I need a bite,
just give me a sign. “And he gave me three for
nine pounds instantly. So really blessed day,
and I’m just thankfulto get those couple
bites right at the end. – Pretty good sign. I look forward to see you tomorrow. – Like I said before,there’s not a lot of difference betweenfinishing at the front or in last place,and today was just one of
those super special daysthat, you know, really
they happen all the time. I want to believe, and have the faith,that those things are going to happen. And it’s just an awesome
reminder that, you know what?You’re never out of it. – 107 anglers,
cut it down to 50. And after today, 12 will move
on to Championship Sunday. With one question in mind, holding thatblue trophy high over their head. – Little better. – There’s no way I
can do it, if you don’t. – Yeah! Yeah! Boom! – From Newcomerstown, Ohio,Elite Series Rookie, Hunter Shryock. With 30 pounds and five
ounces starting today,love to get him into Championship Sunday. Looking for 12 pounds, 15 ounces so far. 13 pounds, nine ounces! ‘Cause you’re sitting
in 12th place right now. – Yeah, I don’t think
that’s going to hold up,I mean I’ve had a fun week here,and really just, I just
scrambled everyday. And the Mississippi River, it’s rising,and a lot of fun. You know, I was throwing my Abu Garcianew gen fours, with the new
Spiderwire Stealth-Braid,and I think that really made a difference. Power pole down, make long, long casts. I’m talking 30, 40 yards on a frog,and that’s the funnest
way for me to go fishing. So I had a fun week, blessed week,and thanks to everybody for showing out,and hopefully, I was
gunning to be here tomorrow,but I don’t think it’s going to happen. – Well, we’d love you to stick around. We’ll find out at the
end, at the weigh in. Former Bass Pro. It’s a good or bad tournament,some lessons are still being taught,and, you know, understanding
that the processof trying to get there,
and trying to do well,is these are the moments that
I’m going to remember forever.

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