27series Ep.3- Bassmaster Southern Open #2 Lake Chickamauga

– This could be the
season, the year, one fish. One 10 pounder could make my
life a lot easier this week so. Come here girl, please, please. Yes, yes!So we’re on our wayto the second Southern Bass
Master Open, Lake Chickamauga. And man, I’m exited
because you look aroundand it’s 79 degrees out. Tress are poppin’,
bloomin’, birds are out. You know, you can feel the lifecoming out of that winter funk. So who doesn’t like
fishing in the spring time?And it’s on Lake Chickamauga
which is a fish factory. This place has like blown up
over the past couple of years. And this place is known
for being a TVA lakeand fishing those mega schools offshore. I’m sitting third in the points. Pretty anxious about that. Kinda like one of them things
you just wanna get it doneand see where you end up at. But I told myself pulling in,I’m not gonna get too overwhelmed
by the points situation,because I’m gonna go out
there and try my hardest,regardless of whether I’m third in pointsor 193rd in points. Like I said, I’m just
excited to get down here,get the boat off the
trailer and put my head downand try to find something solidfor the tournament and
see where we end up. And hopefully we get some good pointsoutta this one to last us until Smith Lakeat the end of the year. ♪ You can’t stop me ♪♪ I’m gonna fly away ♪♪ And I’m a live today ♪♪ And you won’t see my face ♪♪ Finally I’m free ♪♪ And I’ll never look back ♪♪ Watch my bass and I’ll face the black ♪♪ And my future never looked better ♪♪ From the old me it’s a suicide letter ♪♪ My life my hopes my dreams ♪♪ These lies these evil streams ♪♪ Hope for the best
prepare for the worst ♪♪ That’s what I put a
prayer in every verse ♪♪ ‘Cause I hope God hears me ♪- Oh my god, I got a 10 pounder. ♪ And I’m startin’ to see the
truth reveled in front of me ♪- Freaking bass of my life. This is the biggest bass of life, bro. I don’t know how big this bass is,but I gotta get it weighed. ♪ 10 years in the game ♪♪ Still ain’t sleeping ♪♪ Still no rest ’cause I
know that they creeping ♪♪ Know they scheming ♪♪ I was put here to fight back ♪♪ But I still can’t confess
’cause you like that ♪♪ Still I’m a MC from the 90’s ♪♪ Wu-Tang high bro spinnin’ so grimy ♪- We’re on to something. ♪ I’m gonna fly away ♪♪ And I’m a live today ♪♪ And you won’t see my face again ♪- Last day of practice. Looking for sight fishand possibly found the biggest
fish that I have ever seen. Ever, captivity or not, doesn’t matter,this thing is a giant. And I’ve never been this
scared to try to catch a bass. I feel like I’ll get in here first thing. I don’t think anybody else,hopefully nobody found her,but this could be the season, the year. One fish, one 10 poundercould make my life a lot easier this week. So I don’t know if it’s 10, 12, nine,I don’t know, but it is a giant. It’s like the size of my leg. Ready to keep looking. It’s kinda of a dying deal right now. They’re leaving the beds every day. They’re going out to the guys
that are fishing offshore. But I like sight fishing. I feel like that’s what I’m good atso I’m gonna stick with itand fingers crossed
there’s enough of ’em leftto still go around. Thank you. – What time you due, man?- Five o’clock.
– That’s right . – 89.
– 189. – Good luck, man.
– Thanks guys. – You got her. Oh, that’s a big fish, nice. Oh my gosh. Good job, Hunter. Come on, baby, come on. – Just come here. Oh my gosh, dude, this is for real. –
You hooked her, yeah. – Is this real life?- Yeah, man. – Oh my gosh. –
Pull that sucker in. – Oh my God. Oh my gosh, dude. Oh yeah, baby. Day one, God is good!God is good! Oh my God. Oh my God, you tell me, you
tell me that ain’t a fish. Let’s get it done today. I dreamt it in my sleep, same way. – I had a hard timegoing to sleep last night. – I dreamt that in my sleep. That right there,full scenario.
– That fish?- The whole thing. In and out, baby. In and out. – Yep, definitely. – Keep looking downand see if you see a big,
big, big fish swim out. – [Man On Hunter’s
Boat] Swimming out here?- Yeah. –
Disappear all of a sudden?- She just, yeah, it
was in front of the boatand went under it. That’s probably why she’s still here. Another three something. – No,that one’s a little big bigger I think. – Just forget.
– That one’s four. – Forget that one. – Oh get it! – And then the rain came in the afternoonand I mean it put it down. I didn’t have my GoPro
in a waterproof casebecause I run the hard wire to it. So I initially just threw it in the box. Made a last minute callwith literally 20 minutes left to fish. I pull it into a pocket and caught a five,five and a half pounder
to call out a threeand that anchored that bag down reallywith minutes left to check in. – You get him, Hunter?You get him?- Yeah. – Oh, after
Harris, you needed to. – I know man. – Come off. – Thanks, Charlie. – You got 20?- I think. – Hunter Shriyak, the
newcomer Ohio. Got himself a good bag
of, oh my, Hunter Shriyakhad an outstanding finish. Got on that first stop on
the Harris Chain of Lakes. He knew he wanted to have
a great stop here as well. He’s looking to do well in the points. classic. He needs 25 pounds, two
ounces to take the lead. 25 pounds, seven ounces!Hunter Shriyak, my goodness! That is awesome stuff. Oh man, what a day. – Blessed day, I can’t
thank the Lord enough. I mean, I have the best
sponsors in the world. Abu Garcia, Under Armor,
Spiderwire, Berkley,you name it. But man, I can’t, I’m shaking right now. It’s just shaking like a leaf,so it’s gonna be an
interesting day tomorrow. It’s gonna be totally
different conditions,but man, I’m ready to get back out there. – So today, obviously
you’re the last flight,you had a long, long day. Shorter day, does that
impact your plans at all?Are you making a long run?Are you relying on that
afternoon, hopefully sunshine?Is there any difference in your game planor are you just gonna do your stuff?Or do you just got a lot
of thinking to do tonight?- Actually I’m probably just
gonna go out fishing againlike I did today. You know, the game plan’ll
probably be just to play par,and if I can come across
a couple big girlsup in the bank again like that,then we’ll make it happen. – So odds are you’re gonna have,hopefully I say odds are. I know we’re only day one,but you’re gonna have a good finish here. You had a great, great tournamentat the Harris Chain of Lakes. We obviously have a final
event in Smith Lake. That’s a clear water spot at bass fishing. Something that, I know it
doesn’t exactly fit your style,but I’m confident I see your
angling, and how you develop. You’re gonna do well. If you qualify for the
Bassmaster League Series,obviously your brother, Fletcher. How cool would that be?And I’m assuming you
would take full advantageof that opportunity. – Oh, absolutely, but I gotta
go fishing tomorrow, Chris. – I’m getting ahead of myself. – You’re putting me on the spot here. So tomorrow’s just another day. – That’s what I do.
– I know. Tomorrow’s another day of fishingand that’s all I’m gonna think of it asand try to catch ’em again. – That’s the right attitude right there. Give him a round of applause. 25 pounds, seven ounces. The new leader on the Bass
Pro Shop’s Bassmaster. – Well, you know,of course the weather’s rolling
in I think about 10 o’clock. And that’s gonna change,you know, I already
knew that was coming in. So I kinda went through
a lot fish yesterdaythat I had. So I’m gonna try to find
some new fish this morning. Got a couple big ones that I can go to. Whether I can put ’em in the boator not’ll be a different story. But other than that, it’s
just put fish in the boatand worry about points for the Elites. So that’s the main goal this week. – Off to a great year. Hunter Shriyak come on through. Our day one leader. Bassmaster, southern a big year. on Lake Chickamauga. – Is there any more left in here?- I don’t know. Get any in here yesterday?- Pardon me?- Get any in here yesterday?- Yeah. Which way you going?I’ll stay out of your way. – I’m gonna work
this one right here. Unless you already caught one. – I caught one
yesterday right there. – You did?- Yeah. – Both of ’em?- No, the one. – Four pounder?- Five. – The other one
was about eight then. – I only seen
the two on the same side. – Oh really?
– Yep. – Gosh. ♪ I’mma work me a song ♪♪ Can’t get more free ♪♪ Go on shake your powers ♪- Yes, please be a keeper. Good thing he didn’t wear
the end of his tail off. ♪ Go on with your sides ♪♪ Got a horse on lead ♪♪ I’mma work me a song ♪- Thank you, Jesus. Close to three, isn’t it?-
No, that’s . – Oh my gosh, it’s huge. ♪ Right on with that rock ♪- That’s her. Yes!I think that’s top 12. Baby!Whoo! – That’s her. – Yeah! Game changers up there. – Is he?- She pulled up. You all right?- Yeah. Went right back on her, didn’t ya? – Come on. Can you move your stuff? Oh!Come on! No, no. Came out. Oh my God. Come on. Are you kidding me? Tricked her!I got slime all over me. I just love it. Right at the end of the day,
I pull into this pocket. I see Wesley Strader at the
back and he’s sight fishing one. And he asked me how much I hadand I told him, you know,
maybe 18 or 19 pounds. And he’s like, “Well, this one
ain’t gonna help you out any. “It’s only a three pounder. “And I’m like, “Dude, catch it man. “That’s what we’re here to do. “And I know he wasn’t
having the best tournamentthat he wanted to have. It wasn’t five seconds
later, Power pulls up,spins his boat around. Starts heading towards me. I’m like, “Dude what are you doing?”And he’s like, “You’re gonna
need this fish for tomorrow. “And I’m like, “Dude, catch it. “The dude just said, “No
one’s gonna catch it. “You’re gonna come in here tomorrow”and catch you a three pounder. “And I’m like, “Dude, that’s awesome. “That’s the type of stuff
that I’m gonna remember,especially going down the road. The favor will definitely be returnedbecause he didn’t have to do that. – Hunter Shriyak, our day
one leader with 25 poundsand seven ounces. He has a limit of fish today. You need eight 14 to retain your lead. I think you got it. – I think I do too. – Watch the scales. Bam, 18 pounds and 14 ounces. – Whoo!- With 34 pounds and five
ounces as of right nowbut we’re early, early
in this race. And Hunter Shriyak retains his lead. Hello. I’m fairly confident. I mean, I’ve been wrong before. But I’m fairly confident
you’re gonna have enoughto fish tomorrow. – I hope so, man. It was, man, I was thinking
of my game plan last night. I mean, racked my head about this weather. It’s kinda crazy. You don’t know if the weather
man’s gonna be right or wrong. Half the time they are,
half the time they aren’t. But man, my brother text me last night. He just said, “Do what you
do and do it perfectly. “And I knew what he meant. He said, “You go fish the
water that you want to fish. “And that’s what I did,
stuck with it all dayand blessed day again. – Excellent job. Give him a round of applause. Our leader again early in this weigh inon day number two in the Bass
Pro Shop Bassmaster Open. 34 pounds. – Saturday morning, heading to the ramp. Sitting in second place. Anybody in the top 12 has a chance to win,but man, it’s just time to do it. You know, there’s no excuses. Just gotta go out there and execute. Put every fish in the boat. So far I’ve landed every
fish that I’ve hookedthat meant anything. So when people talk about
winning tournaments,they say that it’s just
stuff goes your way. So today, if we come
across the right fish,it’s gonna be a really
interesting day so stay tuned. – Five, four, three, two, one,all right, send ’em on out, Allen. Be safe. – Right on the . Good luck, guys. Good luck.
– Thank you. – My brother
texted me last night. He just said, “Do what you
do and do it perfectly. ” I can keep my eye on you in here, John. Watch your gear, get
your line, get your line. I’m sorry. Ah. – Oh my gosh. That’s not the one I saw over there. It’s way smaller than that. – Come back, come back, come back. Come back. Oh my gosh. No, come out of there, God, please. God please. Okay, your line’s in ?- Yep. Everything’s you, all you. Just take your time, you got ’em. – Come here, girl, please, please. Please, Lord Jesus. Please God. Please God, just come here. Just come here. Just give me a fat head. Give me your fat head.
– You got him, you got him. – Give me your fat head. No, yes!Yeah!Thank you God, thank you Lord. Oh my gosh, it’s a seven pounder. It’s a seven pounder!-
That’s way over seven, buddy. – I know. –
That’s way over seven. – Thank you God. – That fishis between nine and 10 pounds. – Bro, give me a hug!Oh my God. –
I guaranty that fishis between nine and 10 pounds. – Dude, we can
win this tournament. Let’s win it, come on. Come on, dude. I’m sorry, I get–
– Go ahead man, do it. – Dude, dude. First pitch when she came in there,swam over to it. And again, the rain started coming down. And you know, I just took my
GoPro and threw it in there,and I ended up filling out my limitwithout it being on. But honestly, the last
thing I was worried aboutwas setting up my GoPros on the final day. Two. We’re heading to weigh in. Had an awesome day. I landed every fish that bit this week,which is all you can ask for. I didn’t see anything
else besides that eight. I caught the rest of my limit. Nothing too crazy or big,but man, it’s all I can ask
for and the points are good. So we’re gonna weigh these fish inand see where we wind up at. Thank you. – Come on up, Hunter Shriyak,the newcomer from Ohio. Five fish limit. I need 21 two. 18 pounds and an ounce, you’re
gonna move into second place. Hold a couple up, Hunter. We’ll talk to ya. All right, a whole one big one. That works too. Nicely done!- First off, everybody give
yourself a round of applause. I just sat under the
tent and watched you guyssit in the rain and nobody left. Not one person. That’s awesome, that speaks
a lot about this community. I had a ton of fun this week. Yes, thank you guys for coming out. Watching us catch your guys’
fish out of Chickamauga. It’s been a heck of a week. I’ve been blessed all week. I went out there and went looking at ’em. Usually when you’re sight fishing,it’s not a three day thing. It’s hard to make it all three daysand fortunately, for me I did. And I went out there
with the mentality todayto put everything in the
boat that I could and I did. So I’ll let these guys duke it out. – Looking at the points, you know,didn’t talk about it much earlier’cause it was starting to rain. I didn’t want to drag it out too long,but we have a points race. Course this is the second stop. We started the year at Harris Chain. Had a great finish there. I forget, what, third?- Third place. – All right, you’re second. Minimum of third here again. Solid up in the points. The Bassmaster Elite Series qualificationis this close. Lot of work to be done
but this is a huge step. – Two more days of fishing at Smith Lake,but man, I have some of
the best sponsors out herethat they get me to and from the lakes. If it wasn’t for them, you know?But this Elite thing,
fishing with my brotheron the Elites would mean the world to me. And to be honest, I was
so nervous this weekbecause I knew this was
gonna be make or break daybecause these fish are so big hereand a lot of stuff can happen. So I’m just glad to make it through again. It stinks to come in behind these guys,but these guys are some hammers. So if they beat me,then obviously that’s a pretty good deal. So we’re gonna pack up and
get ready for Smith Lake,and hope for two more good days. – All right, good stuff. Give him a round of applause. 62 pounds, six ounces. Second place overall, 18 more
today for Hunter Shriyak. – Good job, man.
– Thank you. I just want to appreciate you guysfor watching all of these. You guys inspire me to keep doing ’em. So thank you for that and hopefully,we get it done there in Alabama. We’ll see what happens.

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