3 Must-Know Fluke Rigging and Fishing Tips

The minnow profile of a fluke and the myriad ways to rig and fish it make it a mainstay in all most pro angler’s arsenal. Bassmaster Classic Champion Casey Ashley relies heavily on the Zoom Fluke whenever bass are schooling and feeding on open water forage like blue back herring and shad, and shares some highly-honed guidance on rigging and fishing the plastic. Casey shows us his two favorite ways to rig the fluke, and two absolutely deadly ways to fish it. He also walks us through his preferred hook and line combo to get the most out of his presentation. This is can’t-miss fluke fishing content that’ll definitely up your game.

-Zoom Salty Super Fluke:
-Gamakatsu Offset Round Bend Worm Hook:
-Costa Del Mar Jose Matte Grey with 580G Lens:
-Quantum Smoke 100 Casting Reel:
-Quantum Smoke Casting Rod:
-HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon Line:

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21 Replies to “3 Must-Know Fluke Rigging and Fishing Tips”

  1. If you want to catch more than a couple fish per fluke, try Mann's Hardnose and just nose hook it with a finesse hook. It works great in open water, gives a great action because you don't have a hook through half the body and those Mann's baits will last a very long time.

  2. Flukes are my go to bait for bass.  I use them a little different than what is shown here.  I rig the same way, but with a 1/0 hook and no weight.  I retrieve them super slow.  let it sink for 10-20 seconds, twitch it a bit then let it sink again.  Works great when the bass aren't being aggressive.  They will suck up the bait and just sit there with it in their mouth.

  3. I love fishing the fluke but I have trouble with getting a good hook up on it for some reason any tips?

  4. Very Informative! Check out our channel if you want to see South Florida fishing and outdoor vlogs!

  5. Yes sir kill me some bass down here in Louisiana on zoom flukes. The shad and watermelon seem to do the trick.

  6. Good info…. guess I’ve been using the fluke wrong – haven’t caught anything yet, but will change my ways. Thanks !

  7. Killer technique on Lanier, Hartwell, and Murray. Great tips!
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