5 Striped Bass Fishing Tips | Saltwater Fishing

Hi, my name is Captain Layne Wagner of Hawk
One Charters. I’ve been a captain for over40 years. I’ve fished all over the world and
now I’m up here in Long Island, New York. You can find me online at Hawk One Charters,
www. hawkonecharters. com. I’ll be talking toyou today about saltwater fishing. I’m going
to give you a quick tip on live lining forstriped bass. First, get yourself a stout
rod, seven foot heavy rod, with a 20 poundclass, 20 pound line class capacity, which
means you can hook and land a much largerfish with 20 pounds but, minimum is 20 pound
class line. You’d use a treble hook. Takethe treble hook, put your bait on it, hook
it through the mouth, usually, for a menhadenwhich is a sometimes two pound bait itself.
Take it, throw it out and let it swim around. Trust me, a bass will come and hit it. The
best time to do this is in the spring whenthe bait are running and after that, once
they hit it, just hold on for dear life. That’sthe quick, easy way to get involved in striped
bass fishing.

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