A Simple System for Fishing Shaky Heads

Everybody catches them on a shaky head, and
I’m not saying I’m the worlds best at it,but I think I’m decent at it. I think the
biggest mistake everybody makes is they overworkit. What I do when I throw it out is I’m going to throw that bait out and
I’m pretty much going to let it go to thebottom straight, I don’t click my bail. I
don’t want it to swing toward me, I want it fall straight down. When I work a shaky
head all I’m going to do is I’m going to pullit real slow and all I’m doing is working
it like a depth finder, I’m trying to find. I’m pulling it tip I hit a rock or maybe it’s
a tree, a rock, or whatever. Once I pull it,and once I get in that rock that’s when I’m
going to slow down, shake it right there,I’m going to pull it over, and as soon as
I pull it over I’m going to let it sit again. Most of the time it’s just a steady/slow pull
until I hit a target. Another thing I thinka lot of people make a big mistake on is that
they work this thing on thigh line all ofthe time and you don’t want to do that. I
keep a slight bow in my line most of the timeand I can still feel it. I’m throwing a sensitive
rod and all that so you’ll still feel it. But don’t pull that thing constantly on a
tight line. They just don’t bite it as good. They will always bite that thing better if
you have a little bit of bow in your line. Like right now I’m throwing a Falcon rod that
I designed for throwing a shaky head and I throw a dropshot on it too. But if I’m fishing pretty
much from lets say from 15 foot or less. I liketo throw braid. I’m throwing 10 pound Hi-Seas
braid. You can throw it a lot further, it’smore sensitive, and not to mention you don’t
break off as much. I’ll come in and tie afluorocarbon leader. Like right now I’m just
throwing 8-pound test Hi-Seas fluorocarbon leader. When I don’t throw the braid, I don’t like
to throw the braid if I’m fishing really deepwater. Like when I’m fishing 15 foot of deeper
most of the time I won’t throw the braid becauseI like to throw a lightweight. I think most
people throw ay to heavy of a weight, I throwa 1/8 ounce head 99%of the time. Even out
to 30 foot or 40 foot of water sometimes. But when you’re doing that you really need
to go to a 6 straight fluorocarbon or somethinglike that. If the water is really clear, then
a lot of times I throw straight fluorocarbon. But the braid if I’m around docks and I’m
fishing around a lot of targets and thingslike that or in stained water. The braid is
really the way to go.

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