Aaron Martens Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich | Bass Fishing

Aaron: Three peanut butter or almond, I usually
mix almond butter and peanut butter and stayaway from the preservative stuff, which is
hydrogenated and partially it’s really bad. And, I stay with the more natural peanut butters
and almond butters and, you know, stay awayfrom the second ingredient sugar and jellies.
You can find stuff out there, it’s like noteven in there. Sometimes they don’t even add
sugar or third ingredient, you know. And I do that and I make pies out of them,
there not just a sandwich, there pies. They’relike, I smash them, I got a way of making
them though. I’ve made thousands of them. I usually do my almond butter, and my wife
does this now, is I make them and I use, like,whole health nuts, I use bread, but I take
them and I put my stuff on there with peanutbutter and jelly and I put the top bread on
and I smash it, I smash them as hard as Ican. I’ll take them on the table and I’ll put my
hand on them and I’ll just flatten them. I’llsquish them down and get them compressed where
it’s almost like the bread is not bread anymore. It’s almost like a tortilla. Smash them down.
Not that much but I smash them down put themin a bag and. . . Question: You’re not a picky eater are you?Aaron: No, I’ll eat anything believe me. And
that way when I eat them it’s quicker. I don’thave to chew on that aerated bread and it’s,
I think it tastes better. You got to try it. But my nephew, when he makes peanut butter
and jellies now, I notice he smashes them. He likes it too, so.

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