Always Fish a Jig! Gerald Swindle Fishing Secrets

This 5-minute bass fishing instructional video is part of a full 56-minute seminar (available at https://bassu.tv) presented by 2-time-angler-of-the-year Bassmaster Elite Series angler Gerald Swindle (G-man). Gerald loves simple jig fishing, and this presentation offers something for every fisherman from beginners to weekend warriors to professional tournament fisherman. Learn to fish with confidence and focus on what really matters to catch more bass. G-man shares many money-saving bass fishing secrets, like fishing 2 colors and 2 sizes of jig all the time and selecting a multi-purpose rod. Swindle also shares fishing tips for how to get the hook set and your bass into the boat.

Check out Gerald’s new ball head jig from Buckeye Lures, the G-Man Ballin’ Out Jig – http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Buckeye_Lures_G-Man_Ballin_Out_Jig/descpage-BOJ.html?from=butv


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